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The Results for Belgium in 1992

Olympiad Medal Results

Cycling Track - Points Race Men Judo - 61 - 66kg (middleweight) Women Rowing - single sculls (1x) Women

1992: Cycling Track - Points Race Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LOMBARDI, Giovanni Italy Gold
VAN BON, Leon Netherlands Silver
MATHY, Cedric Belgium Bronze

1992: Judo - 61 - 66kg (middleweight) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
REVE JIMENEZ, Odalis Cuba Gold
PIERANTOZZI, Emanuela Italy Silver
HOWEY, Kate United Kingdom Bronze
RAKELS, Heidi Belgium Bronze

1992: Rowing - single sculls (1x) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
LIPA, Elisabeta Romania Gold
BREDAEL, Annelies Belgium Silver
LAUMANN, Silken Suzette Canada Bronze