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The Results for Canada in 1908

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 100m Men Athletics - 200m Men Athletics - hammer throw Men Athletics - long jump Men Athletics - pole vault Men
Athletics - triple jump Men Cycling Track - 1980 yards Pursuit, Team Men Lacrosse - lacrosse Men Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men
Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men Shooting - rifle, team Men Shooting - trap (125 targets) Men Wrestling Freestyle - - 54kg (bantamweight) Men

1908: Athletics - 100m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WALKER, Reginald South Africa, Republic of Gold
RECTOR, James United States Silver
KERR, Robert Canada Bronze

1908: Athletics - 200m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KERR, Robert Canada Gold
CLOUGHEN, Robert United States Silver
CARTMELL, John Nathaniel United States Bronze

1908: Athletics - hammer throw Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FLANAGAN, John Jesus United States Gold
MCGRATH, Matthew J. United States Silver
WALSH, Cornelius Canada Bronze

1908: Athletics - long jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
IRONS, Francis C. United States Gold
KELLY, Daniel United States Silver
BRICKER, Calvin David Canada Bronze

1908: Athletics - pole vault Men

Athlete Nation Medal
COOKE, Edward Tiffin United States Gold
GILBERT, Alfred Carleten United States Gold
JACOBS, Charles Sherman United States Bronze
SÖDERSTRÖM, Bruno Sweden Bronze
ARCHIBALD, Edward Blake Canada Bronze

1908: Athletics - triple jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
AHEARNE, Timoty J. United Kingdom Gold
MACDONALD, J.Garfield Canada Silver
LARSEN, Edvard Norway Bronze

1908: Cycling Track - 1980 yards Pursuit, Team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KINGSBURY, Clarence Brickwood United Kingdom Gold
PAYNE, Ernest United Kingdom Gold
MEREDITH, Leonard Lewis United Kingdom Gold
JONES, Benjamin United Kingdom Gold
MARTENS, Herman Germany Silver
GÖTZE, Max Germany Silver
NEUMER, Karl Germany Silver
KATZER, Rudolf Germany Silver
MORTON, William Canada Bronze
ANDREWS, Walter Canada Bronze
MCCARTHY, Frederick Canada Bronze
ANDERSON, William Canada Bronze

1908: Lacrosse - lacrosse Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRENNAN, Patrick Canada Gold
GORMAN, Thomas Patrick Canada Gold
BRODERICK, John Canada Gold
HAMILTON, Ernest Canada Gold
HOOBIN, Henry Frank Canada Gold
TURNBULL, Alexander T. Canada Gold
MCKERROW, Clarence D. Canada Gold
RENNIE, George H. Canada Gold
DUCKETT, Richard Louis Canada Gold
DILLON, Angus F. Canada Gold
CAMPBELL, George H. Canada Gold
DIXON, Frank J. Canada Gold
MCLEOD, D. Canada Gold
MARA, A. Canada Gold
FYON, J. Canada Gold
SCOTT, Charles Hubert United Kingdom Silver
RAMSEY, H.W. United Kingdom Silver
MASON, G. United Kingdom Silver
DUTTON, E.O. United Kingdom Silver
PARKER-SMITH, J. United Kingdom Silver
JOHNSON, William Athelstan United Kingdom Silver
WHITLEY, Normnan Henry Pownall United Kingdom Silver
BUCKLAND, Gerald Frederick United Kingdom Silver
HAYES, S.N. United Kingdom Silver
ALEXANDER, Gustav Bernhard United Kingdom Silver
MARTIN, R.G.W. United Kingdom Silver
JONES, Edward Percy United Kingdom Silver
MASON, G.J. United Kingdom Silver
JOHNSON, F.S. United Kingdom Silver
GILBEY, V.G. United Kingdom Silver
SHORROCKS, H. United Kingdom Silver
ALEXANDER, J. United Kingdom Silver
BLOCKEY, L. United Kingdom Silver

1908: Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FENNING, John Reginald Keith United Kingdom Gold
THOMSON, Gordon Lindsay United Kingdom Gold
FAIRBAIRN, George Eric United Kingdom Silver
VERDON, Philip United Kingdom Silver
STAHNKE, Martin Germany Bronze
DÜSKOW, Willi Germany Bronze
TOMS, Fred P. Canada Bronze
JACKES, Norman B. Canada Bronze

1908: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GLADSTONE, Albert Charles United Kingdom Gold
KELLY, Frederick Septimus United Kingdom Gold
JOHNSTONE, Banner Carruthers United Kingdom Gold
NICKALLS, Guy O. United Kingdom Gold
BURNELL, Charles Desborough United Kingdom Gold
SANDERSON, Ronald Harcour United Kingdom Gold
ETHERINGTON-SMITH, Raymond Broadley United Kingdom Gold
BUCKNALL, Henry Cresswell United Kingdom Gold
MACLAGAN, Gilchrist Stanley United Kingdom Gold
TAELMAN, Oscar Belgium Silver
MORIMONT, Marcel Belgium Silver
ORBAN, Rémy Belgium Silver
MIJS, Georges Belgium Silver
VERGUCHT, François Belgium Silver
VEIRMAN, Polydore Belgium Silver
DE SOMVILLE, Oscar Charles Belgium Silver
POMA, Rodolphe Belgium Silver
VAN LANDEGHEM, Alfred Belgium Silver
BOYLE, Richard Frederick United Kingdom Bronze
BURN, John Southerden United Kingdom Bronze
CARVER, Oswald Armitage United Kingdom Bronze
GOLDSMITH, Henry Mills United Kingdom Bronze
JERWOOD, Frank Harold United Kingdom Bronze
KITCHING, Harold Edward United Kingdom Bronze
POWELL, Eric Walter United Kingdom Bronze
STUART, Douglas Cecil Rees United Kingdom Bronze
WILLIAMS, Edward Gordon United Kingdom Bronze
ROBERTSON, Irvine Geale Canada Bronze
WRIGHT, Joseph George Canada Bronze
THOMSON, Julius A. Canada Bronze
LEWIS, Walter Aiken Canada Bronze
BALFOUR, Gordon Bruce Canada Bronze
GALE, Becher Robert Canada Bronze
RIDDY, Charles Canada Bronze
KERTLAND, Douglas Edwin Canada Bronze
TAYLOR, Goeffrey Barron Canada Bronze

1908: Shooting - clay pigeons, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MAUNDER, Alexander United Kingdom Gold
PIKE, James F. United Kingdom Gold
PALMER, Charles United Kingdom Gold
POSTANS, John M. United Kingdom Gold
MOORE, Frank W. United Kingdom Gold
EASTE, Peter United Kingdom Gold
EWING, Walter Henry Canada Silver
BEATTIE, George Canada Silver
WESTOVER, Arthur W. Canada Silver
FLETCHER, Mylie E. Canada Silver
VIVIAN, George L. Canada Silver
MCMACKON, Donald Canada Silver
WHITAKER, George United Kingdom Bronze
SKINNER, Gerald H. United Kingdom Bronze
BUTT, John Hurst United Kingdom Bronze
MORRIS, William B. United Kingdom Bronze
CREASEY, Harold P. United Kingdom Bronze
HUTTON, Richard United Kingdom Bronze

1908: Shooting - rifle, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LEUSHNER, William F. United States Gold
MARTIN, William United States Gold
WINDER, Charles B. United States Gold
CASEY, Kellog Kennon Venable United States Gold
EASTMAN, Albert United States Gold
BENEDICT, Charles Summer United States Gold
OMMUNDSEN, Harcourt United Kingdom Silver
VARLEY, Fleetwood Ernest United Kingdom Silver
FULTON, Arthur George United Kingdom Silver
RICHARDSON, Philipp Wigam United Kingdom Silver
PADGETT, William G. United Kingdom Silver
MARTIN, John E. United Kingdom Silver
SMITH, William Albert Canada Bronze
CROWE, Charles Robert Canada Bronze
WILLIAMS, Bruce M. Canada Bronze
MCINNIS, Dugald Canada Bronze
EASTCOTT, William Merrill Canada Bronze
KERR, Harry Canada Bronze

1908: Shooting - trap (125 targets) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
EWING, Walter Henry Canada Gold
BEATTIE, George Canada Silver
MAUNDER, Alexander United Kingdom Bronze

1908: Wrestling Freestyle - - 54kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MEHNERT, George Nicholas United States Gold
PRESS, William J. United Kingdom Silver
COTE, Aubert Canada Bronze