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The Results for Canada in 1932

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 100m Women Athletics - 1500m Men Athletics - 400m Men Athletics - 4x100m relay Women Athletics - 4x400m relay Men
Athletics - 800m Men Athletics - high jump Men Athletics - high jump Women Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men
Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men Sailing - 6m Mixed Sailing - 8m Mixed Wrestling Freestyle - 66 - 72kg (welterweight) Men Figure skating - individual Men
Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men Speed skating - 10000m Men Speed skating - 1500m Men Speed skating - 5000m Men Speed skating - 500m Men

1932: Athletics - 100m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WALASIEWICZ, Stanislawa Poland Gold
STRIKE-SISSON, Hilda Canada Silver
VON BREMEN, Wilhelmina United States Bronze

1932: Athletics - 1500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BECCALI, Luigi Italy Gold
CORNES, John United Kingdom Silver
EDWARDS, Philip Canada Bronze

1932: Athletics - 400m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CARR, William Arthur United States Gold
EASTMAN, Benjamin Bangs United States Silver
WILSON, Alexander S. Canada Bronze

1932: Athletics - 4x100m relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CAREW, Mary Louise United States Gold
FURTSCH, Evelyn United States Gold
ROGERS, Annette Joan United States Gold
VON BREMEN, Wilhelmina United States Gold
FRIZZELL, Mildred Canada Silver
PALMER-ALDERSON, Lillian Canada Silver
FRIZZELL, Mary Canada Silver
STRIKE-SISSON, Hilda Canada Silver
HISCOCK, Eileen May United Kingdom Bronze
PORTER, Gwendoline Alice United Kingdom Bronze
WEBB, Violet B. United Kingdom Bronze
HALSTEAD, Nellie United Kingdom Bronze

1932: Athletics - 4x400m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FUQUA, Ivan William United States Gold
ABLOWICH, Edgar Allen United States Gold
WARNER, Karl De Witt United States Gold
CARR, William Arthur United States Gold
STONELEY, Crew Hallett United Kingdom Silver
HAMPSON, Thomas United Kingdom Silver
BURGHLEY, David George United Kingdom Silver
RAMPLING, Godfrey Lionel United Kingdom Silver
LEWIS, Raymond Gray Canada Bronze
BALL, James A. Canada Bronze
EDWARDS, Philip Canada Bronze
WILSON, Alexander S. Canada Bronze

1932: Athletics - 800m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HAMPSON, Thomas United Kingdom Gold
WILSON, Alexander S. Canada Silver
EDWARDS, Philip Canada Bronze

1932: Athletics - high jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MCNAUGHTON, Duncan Canada Gold
VAN OSDEL, Robert United States Silver
TORIBIO, Simeon Galvez Philippines Bronze

1932: Athletics - high jump Women

Athlete Nation Medal
SHILEY, Jean United States Gold
DIDRIKSON, Mildred United States Silver
DAWES-SPINKS, Eva Canada Bronze

1932: Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GWYNNE, Horace Lefty Canada Gold
ZIGLARSKI, Hans Germany Silver
VILLANUEVA, Jose Philippines Bronze

1932: Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MYERS, Kenneth United States Gold
GILMORE, Williams E.Garrett United States Gold
BUHTZ, Herbert Germany Silver
BOETZELEN, Gerhard Germany Silver
PRATT, Charles E. Canada Bronze
DE MILLE, Noel Canada Bronze

1932: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SALISBURY, Edwin Lyle United States Gold
BLAIR, James Howard United States Gold
GREGG, Duncan Smith United States Gold
DUNLAP, David Coombs United States Gold
JASTRAM, Burton Albert United States Gold
CHANDLER, Charles United States Gold
TOWER, Harold United States Gold
HALL, Winslow William United States Gold
GRAHAM, Norris James United States Gold
CIONI, Vittorio Italy Silver
BALLERI, Mario Italy Silver
BRACCI, Renato Italy Silver
BARSOTTI, Dino Italy Silver
VESTRINI, Roberto Italy Silver
DEL BIMBO, Guglielmo Italy Silver
GARZELLI, Enrico Italy Silver
BARBIERI, Renato Italy Silver
MILANI, Cesare Italy Silver
EASTWOOD, Earl Canada Bronze
HARRIS, Joseph John Canada Bronze
STANYAR, Stanley Canada Bronze
FRY, Harry Britain Canada Bronze
LIDDELL, Cedric Haswell Canada Bronze
THOBURN, William Canada Bronze
BOAL, Donald G. Canada Bronze
TAYLOR, Albert Canada Bronze
MAC DONALD, George Leslie Canada Bronze

1932: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
HOLM, Tore Sweden Gold
HINDORFF, Martin Sweden Gold
AKERLUND, Olle Sweden Gold
BERGQVIST, Ake Sweden Gold
CARLSON, Robert United States Silver
ASHBROOK, Temple W. United States Silver
CONANT, Frederic Warren United States Silver
SMITH, Charles E. United States Silver
DOUGLAS, Donald Willis Jr. United States Silver
DAVIS, Emmett S. United States Silver
ROGERS, Philip T. Canada Bronze
WILSON, Gerald Canada Bronze
BOULTBEE, Gardner Canada Bronze
GLASS, Kenneth Canada Bronze

1932: Sailing - 8m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
BIBY, John Edward Jr. United States Gold
COOPER, William H. United States Gold
DORSEY, Carl James United States Gold
CHURCHILL, Owen Porter United States Gold
SUTTON, Robert Mandel United States Gold
DAVIS, Pierpont United States Gold
MORGAN, Alan C. United States Gold
BURNAND, Alphonse A.,Jr. United States Gold
WEBSTER, Thomas C. United States Gold
HUETTNER, John E. United States Gold
MOORE, Richard United States Gold
CAREY, Kenneth A. United States Gold
CRIBB, Ernest F. Canada Silver
JONES, Harry A. Canada Silver
GORDON, Peter D. Canada Silver
WALLACE, Hubert Alfred Canada Silver
MAITLAND, Ronald Monteith Canada Silver
GYLES, George F. Canada Silver

1932: Wrestling Freestyle - 66 - 72kg (welterweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN BEBBER, Jack Francis United States Gold
MACDONALD, Daniel Canada Silver
LEINO, Eino Aukusti Finland Bronze

1932: Figure skating - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SCHÄFER, Karl Austria Gold
GRAFSTRÖM, Gillis Sweden Silver
WILSON, Montgomery Canada Bronze

1932: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
COCKBURN, William George Canada Gold
WAGNER, W. Stanley Canada Gold
SUTHERLAND, Hugh Canada Gold
HINKEL, Roy Canada Gold
MONSON, Walter Canada Gold
SIMPSON, Harold Canada Gold
GARBUTT, George Canada Gold
MALLOY, Norman Canada Gold
WISE, J. Alliston Canada Gold
LINDQUIST, C. Victor Canada Gold
RIVERS, N.Romeo Canada Gold
MOORE, Kenneth Canada Gold
CROWLEY, Clifford Canada Gold
DUNCANSON, Albert Canada Gold
FARRELL, Franklin United States Silver
FRAZIER, Edward Hartwell United States Silver
ANDERSON, Osborn United States Silver
GARRISON, John Bright United States Silver
FITZGERALD, Joseph United States Silver
HALLOCK, Gerard United States Silver
LIVINGSTON, Robert Cambridge United States Silver
CHASE, John Pierce United States Silver
NELSON, Francis Augustus United States Silver
BENT, John Peale United States Silver
COOKMAN, John Emery United States Silver
PALMER, Winthrop Hale United States Silver
EVERETT, Douglas Newton United States Silver
SMITH, Gordon United States Silver
LEINWEBER, Walter Germany Bronze
HEINRICH, Alfred Germany Bronze
RÖMER, Erich Germany Bronze
BALL, Rudolf Germany Bronze
STROBL, Georg Germany Bronze
HERKER, Erich Germany Bronze
JÄNECKE, Gustav Germany Bronze
KORFF, Werner Germany Bronze
SCHRÖTTLE, Martin Germany Bronze
SLEVOGT, Marquardt Germany Bronze

1932: Speed skating - 10000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
JAFFEE, Irving United States Gold
BALLANGRUD, Ivar Norway Silver
STACK, Frank Canada Bronze

1932: Speed skating - 1500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SHEA, John A. United States Gold
HURD, Alexander Canada Silver
LOGAN, William F. Canada Bronze

1932: Speed skating - 5000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
JAFFEE, Irving United States Gold
MURPHY, Edward United States Silver
LOGAN, William F. Canada Bronze

1932: Speed skating - 500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SHEA, John A. United States Gold
EVENSEN, Bernt Norway Silver
HURD, Alexander Canada Bronze