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The Results for Canada in 1956

Olympiad Medal Results

Diving - 3m springboard Women Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men Shooting - 50m rifle prone (60 shots) Men
Alpine Skiing - downhill Women Figure skating - pairs Mixed Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1956: Diving - 3m springboard Women

Athlete Nation Medal
MCCORMICK, Patricia United States Gold
STUNYO, Jeanne Georgetta United States Silver
MAC DONALD, Irene Margaret Canada Bronze

1956: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WELDON, Francis William Charles United Kingdom Gold
KILBARRY, United Kingdom Gold
ROOK, Arthur Laurence United Kingdom Gold
WILD VENTURE, United Kingdom Gold
HILL, Albert Edwin United Kingdom Gold
COUNTRYMAN III, United Kingdom Gold
L▄TKE WESTHUES, August United Team of Germany Silver
TRUX VON KAMAX, United Team of Germany Silver
ROTHE, Otto United Team of Germany Silver
SISSI, United Team of Germany Silver
WAGNER, Klaus United Team of Germany Silver
PRINZESS, United Team of Germany Silver
RUMBLE, John Mitchell Canada Bronze
CILROY, Canada Bronze
ELDER, Henry James Canada Bronze
COLLEEN, Canada Bronze
HERBINSON, Brian Canada Bronze
TARA, Canada Bronze

1956: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CHARLTON, Thomas Jackson Jr. United States Gold
WIGHT, David Henry United States Gold
COOKE, John Patrick United States Gold
BEER, Donald Andrew E. United States Gold
ESSELSTYN, Caldwell Blackman United States Gold
GRIMES, Charles Livingston United States Gold
WAILES, Richard Donald United States Gold
MOREY, Robert Willis Jr. United States Gold
BECKLEAN, William Russell United States Gold
KUEBER, Philip Thomas Canada Silver
MCCLURE, Richard Neil Canada Silver
WILSON, Robert Andrew Canada Silver
HELLIWELL, David Leedom Canada Silver
PRETTY, Donald Wayne Canada Silver
MCKERLICH, William Arthur M. Canada Silver
MCDONALD, Douglas John Canada Silver
WEST, Lawrence Kingsley Canada Silver
OGAWA, Carlton Susumi Canada Silver
AIKMAN, Michael Hirst Australia Bronze
BOYKETT, David Herbert Australia Bronze
BENFIELD, Angus Fred Australia Bronze
HOWDEN, James Guthrie Australia Bronze
MANTON, Garth O.V. Australia Bronze
HOWELL, Walter Neville Australia Bronze
MONGER, Adrian Calero Australia Bronze
DOYLE, Brian John Australia Bronze
HEWITT, Harold Neil Australia Bronze

1956: Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MCKINNON, Archibald Canada Gold
LOOMER, Lorne Kenneth Canada Gold
D'HONDT, Ignace Walter Canada Gold
ARNOLD, Donald John Canada Gold
WELCHLI, John Richard United States Silver
MCKINLEY, John Dickinson United States Silver
MCKINLEY, Arthur Frank United States Silver
MCINTOSH, James Stewart United States Silver
GUILLABERT, Guy France Bronze
MERCIER, Gaston Antoine France Bronze
DELACOUR, Yves France Bronze
GUISSART, Rene Jacques France Bronze

1956: Shooting - 50m rifle prone (60 shots) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
OUELLETTE, Gerald Raymond Canada Gold
BORISOV, Vasili Soviet Union Silver
BOA, Gilmore Stuart Canada Bronze

1956: Alpine Skiing - downhill Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BERTHOD, Madeleine Switzerland Gold
D─NZER, Frieda Switzerland Silver
WHEELER, Lucile Canada Bronze

1956: Figure skating - pairs Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
SCHWARZ, Elisabeth Austria Gold
OPPELT, Kurt Austria Gold
DAFOE, Frances Canada Silver
BOWDEN, Norris Canada Silver
NAGY, Marianna Hungary Bronze
NAGY, Laszlo Hungary Bronze

1956: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PUCHKOV, Nikola´ Soviet Union Gold
MKRTCHAN, Grigori Soviet Union Gold
SOLOGUBOV, Nikola´ Soviet Union Gold
UKOLOV, Dimitri Soviet Union Gold
TREGUBOV, Ivan Soviet Union Gold
SIDORENKOV, Genrikh Soviet Union Gold
KUCHEVSKIY, Alfred Soviet Union Gold
BABICH, Evgeniy Soviet Union Gold
SHUVALOV, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
BOBROV, Vsevolod Soviet Union Gold
KRYLOV, Yuri Soviet Union Gold
UVAROV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
KOUZINE, Valentin Soviet Union Gold
PANTJUKHOV, Yuri Soviet Union Gold
GURYSHEV, Aleksey Soviet Union Gold
KHLYSTOV, Nikola´ Soviet Union Gold
NIKIFOROV, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
IKOLA, Willard John United States Silver
RIGAZIO, Donald Edmund United States Silver
RODENHEISER, Richard Peter United States Silver
MCKINNON, Daniel Duncan United States Silver
SAMPSON, Edward Horace United States Silver
MATCHEFTS, John Peter United States Silver
MEREDITH, Richard Otis United States Silver
DOUGHERTY, Richard Leo United States Silver
PURPUR, Kenneth Richard United States Silver
MAYASICH, John Edward United States Silver
CLEARY, William John United States Silver
BURTNETT, Wellington Parker United States Silver
ANDERSON, Wendell Richard United States Silver
CAMPBELL, Eugene Edward United States Silver
CHRISTIAN, Gordon Eugene United States Silver
OLSON, Weldon Howard United States Silver
PETTROSKE, John Edward United States Silver
BRODEUR, Denis Canada Bronze
WOODALL, Keith Eugene Canada Bronze
MARTIN, Floyd Canada Bronze
LEE, Howard Stewart Canada Bronze
HURST, Arthur Canada Bronze
MCKENZIE, John A. Canada Bronze
LOGAN, James Canada Bronze
KNOX, Paul Canada Bronze
ROPE, Donald Canada Bronze
KLINCK, Byrle Canada Bronze
COLVIN, William Canada Bronze
THEBERGE, Gerry Canada Bronze
HORNE, Alfred James Canada Bronze
BROOKER, Charles Canada Bronze
SCHOLES, George Canada Bronze
WHITE, Robert Canada Bronze
LAUFMAN, Kenneth Canada Bronze