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The Results for Canada in 1960

Olympiad Medal Results

Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men Alpine Skiing - slalom Women Figure skating - individual Men Figure skating - pairs Mixed Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1960: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BITTNER, Klaus United Team of Germany Gold
HOPP, Karl Heinz United Team of Germany Gold
LENK, Hans United Team of Germany Gold
RULFFS, Manfred United Team of Germany Gold
SCHEPKE, Frank United Team of Germany Gold
SCHEPKE, Kraft United Team of Germany Gold
SCHRÖDER, Walter United Team of Germany Gold
VON GRODDECK, Karl-Heinrich United Team of Germany Gold
PADGE, Willi United Team of Germany Gold
ARNOLD, Donald John Canada Silver
D'HONDT, Ignace Walter Canada Silver
KUHN, Nelson Canada Silver
LECKY, John Canada Silver
LOOMER, Lorne Kenneth Canada Silver
MCKERLICH, William Arthur M. Canada Silver
MCKINNON, Archibald Canada Silver
MERWYN, Glenn Canada Silver
BILN, Sohen Canada Silver
JANOUSEK, Bohumil Czechoslovakia Bronze
JINDRA, Jan Czechoslovakia Bronze
LUNDAK, Jiri Czechoslovakia Bronze
LUSK, Stanislav Czechoslovakia Bronze
PAVKOVIC, Vaclav Czechoslovakia Bronze
POJEZNY, Ludek Czechoslovakia Bronze
SVEDA, Jan Czechoslovakia Bronze
VENTUS, Josef Czechoslovakia Bronze
KONICEK, Miroslav Czechoslovakia Bronze

1960: Alpine Skiing - slalom Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HEGGTVEIT, Anne Canada Gold
SNITE, Betsy United States Silver
HENNEBERGER, Barbi United Team of Germany Bronze

1960: Figure skating - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
JENKINS, David United States Gold
DIVIN, Karol Czechoslovakia Silver
JACKSON, Donald Canada Bronze

1960: Figure skating - pairs Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WAGNER, Barbara Canada Gold
PAUL, Robert Canada Gold
KILIUS, Marika United Team of Germany Silver
BÄUMLER, Hans Jürgen United Team of Germany Silver
LUDINGTON, Nancy United States Bronze
LUDINGTON, Ronald United States Bronze

1960: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MCCARTAN, John United States Gold
MAYASICH, John Edward United States Gold
KIRRANE, John J. United States Gold
JOHNSON, Paul Herbert United States Gold
OLSON, Weldon Howard United States Gold
GRAZIA, Eugene United States Gold
RODENHEISER, Richard Peter United States Gold
OWEN, Edwyn United States Gold
PAAVOLA, Rodney United States Gold
MEREDITH, Richard Otis United States Gold
CHRISTIAN, William David United States Gold
WILLIAMS, Thomas United States Gold
CHRISTIAN, Roger Allen United States Gold
MCVEY, Robert United States Gold
PALMER, Lawrence United States Gold
CLEARY, William John United States Gold
CLEARY, Robert Barry United States Gold
HURLEY, Harold Canada Silver
SINDEN, Harry Canada Silver
DOUGLAS, Jack Canada Silver
ATTERSLEY, Robert Canada Silver
ETCHER, Fred Canada Silver
SAMOLENKO, George Canada Silver
HEAD, Donald Charles Canada Silver
SLY, Darryl Hayward Canada Silver
LAUFMAN, Kenneth Canada Silver
MARTIN, Floyd Canada Silver
CONNELLY, James Canada Silver
FORHAN, Robert Canada Silver
ROPE, Donald Canada Silver
BENOIT, Maurice Canada Silver
ROUSSEAU, Robert Canada Silver
PENNINGTON, Clifford Canada Silver
MCKNIGHT, Robert Canada Silver
TSITSINOV, Yuri Soviet Union Bronze
GREBENNIKOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Bronze
BYCHKOV, Mikhail Soviet Union Bronze
PRYAZHNIKOV, Viktor Soviet Union Bronze
KARPOV, Nikolaï Soviet Union Bronze
PUCHKOV, Nikolaï Soviet Union Bronze
GROSHEV, Evgeni Soviet Union Bronze
YAKUSHEV, Viktor Soviet Union Bronze
PETUKHOV, Stanislav Soviet Union Bronze
YERKIN, Evgeni Soviet Union Bronze
SOLOGUBOV, Nikolaï Soviet Union Bronze
BAULIN, Yuri Soviet Union Bronze
ALMETOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Bronze
LOKTEV, Konstantin Soviet Union Bronze
ALEKSANDROV, Veniamin Soviet Union Bronze
SIDORENKOV, Genrikh Soviet Union Bronze
KUCHEVSKIY, Alfred Soviet Union Bronze