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The Results for Canada in 1968

Olympiad Medal Results

Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed Swimming - 100m backstroke Women Swimming - 200m backstroke Women Swimming - 400m freestyle Men Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Women
Alpine Skiing - giant slalom Women Alpine Skiing - slalom Women Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1968: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
GAYFORD, Thomas Franklin Canada Gold
BIG DEE, Canada Gold
DAY, James E. Canada Gold
ELDER, Henry James Canada Gold
ROZIER, Jean Marcel France Silver
QUO VADIS, France Silver
LEFEVRE, Janou France Silver
ROCKET, France Silver
JONQUERES D'ORIOLA, Pierre France Silver
NAGIR, France Silver
SCHRIDDE, Hermann West Germany Bronze
DOZENT, West Germany Bronze
SCHOCKEMÖHLE, Alwin West Germany Bronze
DONALD REX, West Germany Bronze
WINKLER, Hans Günter West Germany Bronze
ENIGK, West Germany Bronze

1968: Swimming - 100m backstroke Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HALL, Kaye Marie United States Gold
TANNER, Elaine Canada Silver
SWAGERTY, Jane Ellen United States Bronze

1968: Swimming - 200m backstroke Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WATSON, Lillian Debra United States Gold
TANNER, Elaine Canada Silver
HALL, Kaye Marie United States Bronze

1968: Swimming - 400m freestyle Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BURTON, Michael Jay United States Gold
HUTTON, Ralph Canada Silver
MOSCONI, Alain France Bronze

1968: Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BARKMAN, Jane Louise United States Gold
GUSTAVSON, Linda Lee United States Gold
PEDERSEN, Susan Jane United States Gold
HENNE, Jane Margo United States Gold
WETZKO, Gabriele East Germany Silver
KRAUSE, Roswitha East Germany Silver
SCHMUCK, Uta East Germany Silver
PERTHES, Gabriele East Germany Silver
COUGHLAW, Angela Canada Bronze
CORSON-WHITNEY, Marilyn Canada Bronze
TANNER, Elaine Canada Bronze
LAY, Marion Beverly Canada Bronze

1968: Alpine Skiing - giant slalom Women

Athlete Nation Medal
GREENE, Nancy Canada Gold
FAMOSE, Annie France Silver
BOCHATAY, Fernande Switzerland Bronze

1968: Alpine Skiing - slalom Women

Athlete Nation Medal
GOITSCHEL, Marielle France Gold
GREENE, Nancy Canada Silver
FAMOSE, Annie France Bronze

1968: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MAYOROV, Boris Soviet Union Gold
MOISSEYEV, Yuri Soviet Union Gold
FIRSOV, Anatoli Soviet Union Gold
DAVIDOV, Vitali Soviet Union Gold
BLINOV, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
ROMICHEVSKY, Igor Soviet Union Gold
KONOVALENKO, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
ZINGER, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
STARSHINOV, Viacheslav Soviet Union Gold
IONOV, Anatoli Soviet Union Gold
POLUPANOV, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
KOUSKINE, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
ZAITZEV, Oleg Soviet Union Gold
RAGULIN, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
ALEKSANDROV, Veniamin Soviet Union Gold
ZIMIN, Evgeni Soviet Union Gold
MISHAKOV, Evgeni Soviet Union Gold
VIKULOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
KLAPAC, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
SEVCIK, Frantisek Czechoslovakia Silver
HAVEL, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
HRBATY, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
NEDOMANSKY, Vaclav Czechoslovakia Silver
MACHAC, Oldrich Czechoslovakia Silver
SUCHY, Jan Czechoslovakia Silver
NADRCHAL, Vladimir Czechoslovakia Silver
DZURILLA, Vladimir Czechoslovakia Silver
GOLONKA, Josef Czechoslovakia Silver
HEJMA, Petr Czechoslovakia Silver
KOCHTA, Jiri Czechoslovakia Silver
HORESOVSKY, Josef Czechoslovakia Silver
POSPISIL, Frantisek Czechoslovakia Silver
MASOPUST, Karel Czechoslovakia Silver
JIRIK, Jaroslav Czechoslovakia Silver
HOLIK, Jiri Czechoslovakia Silver
CERNY, Josef Czechoslovakia Silver
CADIEUX, Raymond Canada Bronze
MONTEITH, Stephen Canada Bronze
MCMILLAN, William Canada Bronze
JOHNSTON, Larry Marshall Canada Bronze
CONLIN, Paul Canada Bronze
GLENNIE, Brian Canada Bronze
BRODERICK, Kenneth Canada Bronze
STEPHENSON, Wayne Canada Bronze
O'MALLEY, Terrence Canada Bronze
MCKENZIE, John Barry Canada Bronze
HARGREAVES, Ted Canada Bronze
PINDER, Herbert Canada Bronze
MOTT, Morris Canada Bronze
PINDER, Gerry Canada Bronze
BOURBONNAIS, Roger Canada Bronze
HUCK, Francis Canada Bronze
DINEEN, Gary Canada Bronze
O'SHEA, Danny Canada Bronze