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The Results for Canada in 2002

Olympiad Medal Results

Cross Country Skiing - 5km pursuit Women Curling - curling Men Curling - curling Women Figure skating - pairs Mixed Freestyle Skiing - aerials Women
Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women Short Track Speed Skating - 1000m Men Short Track Speed Skating - 1500m Men Short Track Speed Skating - 3000m relay Women
Short Track Speed Skating - 5000m relay Men Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Men Speed skating - 3000m Women Speed skating - 5000m Women Speed skating - 500m Women

2002: Cross Country Skiing - 5km pursuit Women

Athlete Nation Medal
SCOTT, Beckie Canada Gold
NEUMANNOVA, Katerina Czech Republic Silver
BAUER, Viola Germany Bronze

2002: Curling - curling Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TRULSEN, Paal Norway Gold
VAAGBERG, Lars Norway Gold
DAVANGER, Flemming Norway Gold
RAMSFJELL, Bent Aanund Norway Gold
NERGAARD, Torger Norway Gold
MARTIN, Kevin Canada Silver
WALCHUK, Don Canada Silver
RYCROFT, Carter Canada Silver
BARTLETT, Don Canada Silver
TRALNBERG, Ken Canada Silver
SCHWALLER, Andreas Switzerland Bronze
SCHWALLER, Christof Switzerland Bronze
EGGLER, Markus Switzerland Bronze
GRICHTING, Damian Switzerland Bronze
RAMSTEIN, Marco Switzerland Bronze

2002: Curling - curling Women

Athlete Nation Medal
MARTIN, Rhona United Kingdom Gold
KNOX, Debbie United Kingdom Gold
MACDONALD, Fiona United Kingdom Gold
RANKIN, Janice United Kingdom Gold
MORTON, Margaret United Kingdom Gold
EBNOETHER, Luzia Switzerland Silver
OTT, Mirjam Switzerland Silver
FREI, Tanya Switzerland Silver
BIDAUD, Laurence Switzerland Silver
ROETHLISBERGER, Nadia Switzerland Silver
LAW, Kelley Canada Bronze
SKINNER, Julie Canada Bronze
WHEATCROFT, Georgina Canada Bronze
NELSON, Diane Canada Bronze
NOBLE, Cheryl Canada Bronze

2002: Figure skating - pairs Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
SIKHARULIDZE, Anton Russian Federation Gold
BEREZHNAYA, Elena Russian Federation Gold
PELLETIER, David Canada Gold
SALE, Jamie Canada Gold
SHEN, Xue China Bronze
ZHAO, Hongbo China Bronze

2002: Freestyle Skiing - aerials Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CAMPLIN, Alisa Australia Gold
BRENNER, Veronica Canada Silver
DIONNE, Deidra Canada Bronze

2002: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LEMIEUX, Mario Canada Gold
KARIYA, Paul Canada Gold
JOVANOVSKI, Ed Canada Gold
JOSEPH, Curtis Canada Gold
IGINLA, Jarome Canada Gold
GAGNE, Simon Canada Gold
PRONGER, Chris Canada Gold
PECA, Mike Canada Gold
NOLAN, Owen Canada Gold
NIEUWENDYK, Joe Canada Gold
NIEDERMAYER, Scott Canada Gold
FOOTE, Adam Canada Gold
FLEURY, Theo Canada Gold
BRODEUR, Martin Canada Gold
BREWER, Eric Canada Gold
BLAKE, Rob Canada Gold
BELFOUR, Ed Canada Gold
YZERMAN, Steve Canada Gold
SMYTH, Ryan Canada Gold
SHANAHAN, Brendan Canada Gold
SAKIC, Joe Canada Gold
MACINNIS, Al Canada Gold
LINDROS, Eric Canada Gold
GUERIN, Bill United States Silver
DUNHAM, Mike United States Silver
DRURY, Chris United States Silver
MILLER, Aaron United States Silver
DEADMARSH, Adam United States Silver
RICHTER, Mike United States Silver
POTI, Tom United States Silver
YOUNG, Scott United States Silver
WEIGHT, Doug United States Silver
TKACHUK, Keith United States Silver
CHELIOS, Chris United States Silver
AMONTE, Tony United States Silver
HOUSLEY, Phil United States Silver
YORK, Mike United States Silver
ROLSTON, Brian United States Silver
BARRASSO, Tom United States Silver
SUTER, Gary United States Silver
ROENICK, Jeremy United States Silver
RAFALSKI, Brian United States Silver
MODANO, Mike United States Silver
LEETCH, Brian United States Silver
LECLAIR, John United States Silver
HULL, Brett United States Silver
PODOMATSKY, Yegor Russian Federation Bronze
MARKOV, Daniil Russian Federation Bronze
KOVALEV, Alexei Russian Federation Bronze
MALAKHOV, Vladimir Russian Federation Bronze
ZHAMNOV, Alexey Russian Federation Bronze
GONCHAR, Sergei Russian Federation Bronze
KASPARAITIS, Darius Russian Federation Bronze
DATSYUK, Pavel Russian Federation Bronze
KRAVCHUK, Igor Russian Federation Bronze
TVERDOVSKY, Oleg Russian Federation Bronze
BURE, Pavel Russian Federation Bronze
LARIONOV, Igor Russian Federation Bronze
FEDOROV, Sergei Russian Federation Bronze
YASHIN, Alexei Russian Federation Bronze
KHABIBULIN, Nikolai Russian Federation Bronze
MIRONOV, Boris Russian Federation Bronze
SAMSONOV, Sergei Russian Federation Bronze
BURE, Valeri Russian Federation Bronze
AFINOGENOV, Maxim Russian Federation Bronze
BRYZGALOV, Ilja Russian Federation Bronze
KOVALCHUK, Ilya Russian Federation Bronze
NIKOLISHIN, Andrei Russian Federation Bronze
KVASHA, Oleg Russian Federation Bronze

2002: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
SOSTORICS, Colleen Canada Gold
DUPUIS, Lori Canada Gold
CHARTRAND, Isabelle Canada Gold
CAMPBELL, Cassie Canada Gold
BRISSON, Therese Canada Gold
BOTTERILL, Jennifer Canada Gold
BECHARD, Kelly Canada Gold
SMALL, Sami Jo Canada Gold
SHEWCHUK, Tammy Lee Canada Gold
POUNDER, Cheryl Canada Gold
PIPER, Cherie Canada Gold
OUELLETTE, Caroline Canada Gold
KELLAR, Becky Canada Gold
HEFFORD, Jayna Canada Gold
HEANEY, Geraldine Canada Gold
GOYETTE, Danielle Canada Gold
ANTAL, Dana Canada Gold
WICKENHEISER, Hayley Canada Gold
SUNOHARA, Vicky Canada Gold
ST-PIERRE, Kim Canada Gold
WENDELL, Krissy United States Silver
WALL, Lyndsay United States Silver
TUETING, Sarah United States Silver
RUGGIERO, Angela United States Silver
GRANATO, Cammi United States Silver
DUNN-LUOMA, Tricia United States Silver
DECOSTA, Sara United States Silver
DARWITZ, Natalie United States Silver
CHU, Julie United States Silver
BYE, Karyn United States Silver
BAKER, Laurie United States Silver
BAILEY, Chris United States Silver
POTTER, Jenny United States Silver
MOUNSEY, Tara United States Silver
MLECZKO, Allison United States Silver
MERZ, Sue United States Silver
LOONEY, Shelley United States Silver
KING, Katie United States Silver
KILBOURNE, Andrea United States Silver
KENNEDY, Courtney United States Silver
VIKMAN, Anna Sweden Bronze
SJOLANDER, Therese Sweden Bronze
SAMUELSSON, Evelina Sweden Bronze
JANSSON, Nanna Sweden Bronze
HOLST, Erika Sweden Bronze
ELFSBERG, Joa Sweden Bronze
EDSTRAND, Ann-Louise Sweden Bronze
BERGSTRAND, Kristina Sweden Bronze
BERGGREN, Emelie Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Anna Sweden Bronze
RUNDQVIST, Danijela Sweden Bronze
ROOTH, Maria Sweden Bronze
PETTERSSON, Josefin Sweden Bronze
LINDSTROM, Ulrica Sweden Bronze
LINDBERG, Ylva Sweden Bronze
LARSSON, Maria Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Gunilla Sweden Bronze
ALMBLAD, Lotta Sweden Bronze
MARTIN, Kim Sweden Bronze
AHLEN, Annica Sweden Bronze

2002: Short Track Speed Skating - 1000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRADBURY, Steven Australia Gold
OHNO, Apolo Anton United States Silver
TURCOTTE, Mathieu Canada Bronze

2002: Short Track Speed Skating - 1500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
OHNO, Apolo Anton United States Gold
LI, JiaJun China Silver
GAGNON, Marc Canada Bronze

2002: Short Track Speed Skating - 3000m relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CHOI, Eun-Kyung Korea, Republic of Gold
CHOI, Min Kyung Korea, Republic of Gold
JOO, Min-Jin Korea, Republic of Gold
PARK, Hye-Won Korea, Republic of Gold
SUN, Dandan China Silver
WANG, Chunlu China Silver
YANG (A), Yang China Silver
YANG (S), Yang China Silver
CHAREST, Isabelle Canada Bronze
DROLET, Marie-Eve Canada Bronze
GOULET-NADON, Amelie Canada Bronze
KRAUS, Alanna Canada Bronze
VICENT, Tania Canada Bronze

2002: Short Track Speed Skating - 5000m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BEDARD, Eric Canada Gold
GAGNON, Marc Canada Gold
GUILMETTE, Jonathan Canada Gold
TREMBLAY, Francois-Louis Canada Gold
TURCOTTE, Mathieu Canada Gold
ANTONIOLI, Michele Italy Silver
CARNINO, Maurizio Italy Silver
CARTA, Fabio Italy Silver
FRANCESCHINA, Nicola Italy Silver
RODIGARI, Nicola Italy Silver
AN, Yulong China Bronze
FENG, Kai China Bronze
GUO, Wei China Bronze
LI, JiaJun China Bronze
LI, Ye China Bronze

2002: Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GAGNON, Marc Canada Gold
GUILMETTE, Jonathan Canada Silver
SMITH, Rusty United States Bronze

2002: Speed skating - 3000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
PECHSTEIN, Claudia Germany Gold
GROENEWOLD, Renate Netherlands Silver
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Bronze

2002: Speed skating - 5000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
PECHSTEIN, Claudia Germany Gold
SMIT, Gretha Netherlands Silver
HUGHES, Clara Canada Bronze

2002: Speed skating - 500m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
LEMAY DOAN, Catriona Canada Gold
GARBRECHT-ENFELDT, Monique Germany Silver
VOELKER, Sabine Germany Bronze