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The Results for Canada in 2006

Olympiad Medal Results

Bobsleigh - two-man Men Cross Country Skiing - sprint 1.5km Women Cross Country Skiing - Team sprint Women Curling - curling Men Curling - curling Women
Figure skating - individual Men Freestyle Skiing - moguls Women Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women Short Track Speed Skating - 3000m relay Women Short Track Speed Skating - 5000m relay Men
Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Men Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Women Skeleton - individual Men Skeleton - individual Women Snowboard - Snowboard Cross Women
Speed skating - 1000m Women Speed skating - 1500m Women Speed skating - 3000m Women Speed skating - 5000m Women Speed skating - Team pursuit Men
Speed skating - Team pursuit Women

2006: Bobsleigh - two-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KUSKE, Kevin Germany Gold
LANGE, Andre Germany Gold
LUEDERS, Pierre Canada Silver
BROWN, Lascelles Canada Silver
ANNEN, Martin Switzerland Bronze
HEFTI, Beat Switzerland Bronze

2006: Cross Country Skiing - sprint 1.5km Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CRAWFORD, Chandra Canada Gold
KUENZEL, Claudia Germany Silver
SIDKO, Alena Russian Federation Bronze

2006: Cross Country Skiing - Team sprint Women

Athlete Nation Medal
DAHLBERG, Anna Sweden Gold
ANDERSSON, Lina Sweden Gold
RENNER, Sara Canada Silver
SCOTT, Beckie Canada Silver
SAARINEN, Aino Kaisa Finland Bronze
KUITUNEN, Virpi Finland Bronze

2006: Curling - curling Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GUSHUE, Brad Canada Gold
NICHOLS, Mark Canada Gold
HOWARD, Russ Canada Gold
KORAB, Jamie Canada Gold
ADAM, Mike Canada Gold
UUSIPAAVALNIEMI, Markku Finland Silver
MAKELA, Wille Finland Silver
KIISKINEN, Kalle Finland Silver
SALO, Teemu Finland Silver
SULLANMAA, Jani Finland Silver
FENSON, Pete United States Bronze
ROJESKI, Shawn United States Bronze
POLO, Joe United States Bronze
SHUSTER, John United States Bronze
BAIRD, Scott United States Bronze

2006: Curling - curling Women

Athlete Nation Medal
NORBERG, Anette Sweden Gold
LUND, Eva Sweden Gold
LINDAHL, Cathrine Sweden Gold
SVAERD, Anna Sweden Gold
BERGMAN, Ulrika Sweden Gold
OTT, Mirjam Switzerland Silver
BEELI, Binia Switzerland Silver
SPAELTY, Valeria Switzerland Silver
MOSER, Michele Switzerland Silver
KORMANN, Manuela Switzerland Silver
KLEIBRINK, Shannon Canada Bronze
NIXON, Amy Canada Bronze
BAKKER, Glenys Canada Bronze
KESHEN, Christine Canada Bronze
JENKINS, Sandra Canada Bronze

2006: Figure skating - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PLUSHENKO, Evgeni Russian Federation Gold
LAMBIEL, Stephane Switzerland Silver
BUTTLE, Jeffrey Canada Bronze

2006: Freestyle Skiing - moguls Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HEIL, Jennifer Canada Gold
TRAA, Kari Norway Silver
LAOURA, Sandra France Bronze

2006: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Women

Athlete Nation Medal
FERRARI, Gillian Canada Gold
KELLAR, Becky Canada Gold
MACLEOD, Carla Canada Gold
POUNDER, Cheryl Canada Gold
SOSTORICS, Colleen Canada Gold
AGOSTA, Meghan Canada Gold
APPS, Gillian Canada Gold
BOTTERILL, Jennifer Canada Gold
CAMPBELL, Cassie Canada Gold
GOYETTE, Danielle Canada Gold
HEFFORD, Jayna Canada Gold
KINGSBURY, Gina Canada Gold
OUELLETTE, Caroline Canada Gold
PIPER, Cherie Canada Gold
SUNOHARA, Vicky Canada Gold
VAILLANCOURT, Sarah Canada Gold
WEATHERSTON, Katie Canada Gold
WICKENHEISER, Hayley Canada Gold
LABONTE, Charline Canada Gold
ANDERSSON, Gunilla Sweden Silver
ASSERHOLT, Jenni Sweden Silver
ELFSBERG, Joa Sweden Silver
ELIASSON, Emma Sweden Silver
LINDBERG, Ylva Sweden Silver
EDSTRAND, Ann-Louise Sweden Silver
HOLST, Erika Sweden Silver
JANSSON, Nanna Sweden Silver
LINDQVIST, Jenny Sweden Silver
LUNDBERG, Kristina Sweden Silver
NEVALAINEN, Frida Sweden Silver
O KONOR, Emilie Sweden Silver
ROOTH, Maria Sweden Silver
RUNDQVIST, Danijela Sweden Silver
SJOLANDER, Therese Sweden Silver
TIMGLAS, Katarina Sweden Silver
VIKMAN, Anna Sweden Silver
WINBERG, Pernilla Sweden Silver
ANDERSSON, Cecilia Sweden Silver
MARTIN, Kim Sweden Silver
CAHOW, Caitlin United States Bronze
ENGSTROM, Molly United States Bronze
HAGERMAN, Jamie United States Bronze
KENNEDY, Courtney United States Bronze
RESOR, Helen United States Bronze
RUGGIERO, Angela United States Bronze
CHU, Julie United States Bronze
DARWITZ, Natalie United States Bronze
DUNN-LUOMA, Tricia United States Bronze
INSALACO, Kim United States Bronze
KAUTH, Kathleen United States Bronze
KING, Kristin United States Bronze
KING, Katie United States Bronze
PARSONS, Sarah United States Bronze
POTTER, Jenny United States Bronze
STEPHENS, Kelly United States Bronze
WENDELL, Krissy United States Bronze
DREYER, Pam United States Bronze
GUNN, Chanda United States Bronze
WALL, Lyndsay United States Bronze

2006: Short Track Speed Skating - 3000m relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BYUN, Chun-Sa Korea, Republic of Gold
CHOI, Eun-Kyung Korea, Republic of Gold
JEON, Da-Hye Korea, Republic of Gold
JIN, Sun-Yu Korea, Republic of Gold
KANG, Yun-Mi Korea, Republic of Gold
KRAUS, Alanna Canada Silver
LEBLANC-BOUCHER, Anouk Canada Silver
OVERLAND, Amanda Canada Silver
ROBERGE, Kalyna Canada Silver
VICENT, Tania Canada Silver
CAPURSO, Marta Italy Bronze
FONTANA, Arianna Italy Bronze
ZINI, Katia Italy Bronze
ZINI, Mara Italy Bronze

2006: Short Track Speed Skating - 5000m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
AHN, Hyun-Soo Korea, Republic of Gold
LEE, Ho-Suk Korea, Republic of Gold
OH, Se-Jong Korea, Republic of Gold
SEO, Ho-Jin Korea, Republic of Gold
SONG, Suk-Woo Korea, Republic of Gold
BEDARD, Eric Canada Silver
GUILMETTE, Jonathan Canada Silver
HAMELIN, Charles Canada Silver
TREMBLAY, Francois-Louis Canada Silver
TURCOTTE, Mathieu Canada Silver
IZYKOWSKI, Alex United States Bronze
KEPKA, J.P. United States Bronze
OHNO, Apolo Anton United States Bronze
SMITH, Rusty United States Bronze

2006: Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
OHNO, Apolo Anton United States Gold
TREMBLAY, Francois-Louis Canada Silver
AHN, Hyun-Soo Korea, Republic of Bronze

2006: Short Track Speed Skating - 500m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WANG, Meng China Gold
RADANOVA, Evgenia Bulgaria Silver
LEBLANC-BOUCHER, Anouk Canada Bronze

2006: Skeleton - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GIBSON, Duff Canada Gold
PAIN, Jeff Canada Silver
STAEHLI, Gregor Switzerland Bronze

2006: Skeleton - individual Women

Athlete Nation Medal
PEDERSEN, Maya Switzerland Gold
RUDMAN, Shelley United Kingdom Silver

2006: Snowboard - Snowboard Cross Women

Athlete Nation Medal
FRIEDEN, Tanja Switzerland Gold
JACOBELLIS, Lindsey United States Silver
MALTAIS, Dominique Canada Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 1000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
TIMMER, Marianne Netherlands Gold
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Silver
FRIESINGER, Anni Germany Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 1500m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Gold
GROVES, Kristina Canada Silver
WUST, Ireen Netherlands Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 3000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WUST, Ireen Netherlands Gold
GROENEWOLD, Renate Netherlands Silver
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 5000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
HUGHES, Clara Canada Gold
PECHSTEIN, Claudia Germany Silver
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Bronze

2006: Speed skating - Team pursuit Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANESI, Matteo Italy Gold
DONAGRANDI, Stefano Italy Gold
FABRIS, Enrico Italy Gold
SANFRATELLO, Ippolito Italy Gold
DANKERS, Arne Canada Silver
ELM, Steven Canada Silver
MORRISON, Denny Canada Silver
PARKER, Jason Canada Silver
WARSYLEWICZ, Justin Canada Silver
KRAMER, Sven Netherlands Bronze
RITSMA, Rintje Netherlands Bronze
TUITERT, Mark Netherlands Bronze
VERHEIJEN, Carl Netherlands Bronze
WENNEMARS, Erben Netherlands Bronze

2006: Speed skating - Team pursuit Women

Athlete Nation Medal
ANSCHUETZ THOMS, Daniela Germany Gold
FRIESINGER, Anni Germany Gold
OPITZ, Lucille Germany Gold
PECHSTEIN, Claudia Germany Gold
VOELKER, Sabine Germany Gold
GROVES, Kristina Canada Silver
HUGHES, Clara Canada Silver
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Silver
NESBITT, Christine Canada Silver
REMPEL, Shannon Canada Silver
ABRAMOVA, Yekaterina Russian Federation Bronze
BARYSHEVA, Varvara Russian Federation Bronze
LIKHACHOVA, Galina Russian Federation Bronze
LOBYSHEVA, Yekaterina Russian Federation Bronze
VYSOKOVA, Svetlana Russian Federation Bronze