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The Results for Chile in 1952

Olympiad Medal Results

Equestrian / Jumping - individual Mixed Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

1952: Equestrian / Jumping - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
JONQUERES D'ORIOLA, Pierre France Gold
ALI BABA, France Gold
CRISTI-GALLO, Oscar Chile Silver
BAMBI, Chile Silver
THIEDEMANN, Fritz Germany Bronze
METEOR, Germany Bronze

1952: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
STEWART, Douglas Norman United Kingdom Gold
AHERLOW, United Kingdom Gold
WHITE, Wilfred Harry United Kingdom Gold
NIZEFELLA, United Kingdom Gold
LLEWELLYN, Harry Morton United Kingdom Gold
FOXHUNTER, United Kingdom Gold
ECHEVERRIA, Ricardo Chile Silver
LINDO PEAL, Chile Silver
CRISTI-GALLO, Oscar Chile Silver
BAMBI, Chile Silver
MENDOZA, Cesar Chile Silver
PILLAN, Chile Silver
MCCASHIN, Arthur Johan United States Bronze
MISS BUDWEISER, United States Bronze
RUSSELL, John William United States Bronze
DEMOCRAT, United States Bronze
STEINKRAUS, William Clark United States Bronze
HOLLANDIA, United States Bronze