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The Results for Czech Republic in 2006

Olympiad Medal Results

Cross Country Skiing - 15km Men Cross Country Skiing - 30km Women Cross Country Skiing - Combined 7.5 + 7.5km mass star Women Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

2006: Cross Country Skiing - 15km Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VEERPALU, Andrus Estonia Gold
BAUER, Lukas Czech Republic Silver
ANGERER, Tobias Germany Bronze

2006: Cross Country Skiing - 30km Women

Athlete Nation Medal
NEUMANNOVA, Katerina Czech Republic Gold
TCHEPALOVA, Julija Russian Federation Silver
KOWALCZYK, Justyna Poland Bronze

2006: Cross Country Skiing - Combined 7.5 + 7.5km mass star Women

Athlete Nation Medal
SMIGUN, Kristina Estonia Gold
NEUMANNOVA, Katerina Czech Republic Silver
MEDVEDEVA-ABRUZOVA, Evgenia Russian Federation Bronze

2006: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BACKMAN, Christian Sweden Gold
HAVELID, Niclas Sweden Gold
JONSSON, Kenny Sweden Gold
KRONWALL, Niklas Sweden Gold
LIDSTROM, Nicklas Sweden Gold
OHLUND, Mattias Sweden Gold
SUNDIN, Ronnie Sweden Gold
TJARNQVIST, Daniel Sweden Gold
ALFREDSSON, Daniel Sweden Gold
AXELSSON, Per Johan Sweden Gold
FORSBERG, Peter Sweden Gold
HANNULA, Mika Sweden Gold
HOLMSTROM, Tomas Sweden Gold
JONSSON, Jorgen Sweden Gold
MODIN, Fredrik Sweden Gold
PAHLSSON, Samuel Sweden Gold
SAMUELSSON, Mikael Sweden Gold
SEDIN, Daniel Sweden Gold
SEDIN, Henrik Sweden Gold
SUNDIN, Mats Sweden Gold
ZETTERBERG, Henrik Sweden Gold
LIV, Stefan Sweden Gold
LUNDQVIST, Henrik Sweden Gold
TELLQVIST, Mikael Sweden Gold
BERG, Aki-Petteri Finland Silver
KUKKONEN, Lasse Finland Silver
LYDMAN, Toni Finland Silver
NIEMI, Antti-Jussi Finland Silver
NUMMELIN, Petteri Finland Silver
NUMMINEN, Teppo Finland Silver
SALO, Sami Finland Silver
TIMONEN, Kimmo Finland Silver
HAGMAN, Niklas Finland Silver
HENTUNEN, Jukka Finland Silver
JOKINEN, Olli Finland Silver
JOKINEN, Jussi Finland Silver
KAPANEN, Niko Finland Silver
KOIVU, Saku Finland Silver
KOIVU, Mikko Finland Silver
LAAKSONEN, Antti Finland Silver
LEHTINEN, Jere Finland Silver
NIEMINEN, Ville Finland Silver
PELTONEN, Ville Finland Silver
RUUTU, Jarkko Finland Silver
SELANNE, Teemu Finland Silver
BACKSTROM, Niklas Finland Silver
NIITTYMAKI, Antero Finland Silver
NORRENA, Fredrik Finland Silver
KABERLE, Frantisek Czech Republic Bronze
KABERLE, Tomas Czech Republic Bronze
KUBA, Filip Czech Republic Bronze
KUBINA, Pavel Czech Republic Bronze
MALIK, Marek Czech Republic Bronze
SPACEK, Jaroslav Czech Republic Bronze
ZIDLICKY, Marek Czech Republic Bronze
BULIS, Jan Czech Republic Bronze
CAJANEK, Petr Czech Republic Bronze
ELIAS, Patrik Czech Republic Bronze
ERAT, Martin Czech Republic Bronze
HEJDUK, Milan Czech Republic Bronze
HEMSKY, Ales Czech Republic Bronze
JAGR, Jaromir Czech Republic Bronze
KOTALIK, Ales Czech Republic Bronze
LANG, Robert Czech Republic Bronze
OLESZ, Rostislav Czech Republic Bronze
PROSPAL, Vaclav Czech Republic Bronze
RUCINSKY, Martin Czech Republic Bronze
STRAKA, Martin Czech Republic Bronze
VYBORNY, David Czech Republic Bronze
HASEK, Dominik Czech Republic Bronze
HNILICKA, Milan Czech Republic Bronze
SALFICKY, Dusan Czech Republic Bronze
VOKOUN, Tomas Czech Republic Bronze