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The Results for Czechoslovakia in 1920

Olympiad Medal Results

Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men Tennis - mixed doubles Mixed

1920: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BENSON, Robert Canada Gold
BYRON, Wally Canada Gold
FREDERICKSON, Frank Canada Gold
FRIDFINNSON, Christian Canada Gold
GOODMAN, Michael Canada Gold
HALDERSON, Haldor Canada Gold
JOHANSSON, Konrad Canada Gold
WOODMAN, Allan Canada Gold
BONNEY, Raymond Lenroy United States Silver
CONROY, Anthony United States Silver
DRURY, Herbert United States Silver
FITZGERALD, Edward United States Silver
GERAN, George Pierce United States Silver
GOHEEN, Frank Xavier United States Silver
MCCORMICK, Joseph United States Silver
MCCORMICK, Lawrence United States Silver
SYNNOTT, Francis Allen United States Silver
TUCK, Leon Parker United States Silver
WEIDENBORNER, Cyril United States Silver
DUSEK, Adolf Czechoslovakia Bronze
HARTMANN, Karel Czechoslovakia Bronze
LOOS, Vilém Czechoslovakia Bronze
PALOUS, Jan Czechoslovakia Bronze
PEKA, Jan Czechoslovakia Bronze
PESEK, Karel Czechoslovakia Bronze
SROUBEK, Josef Czechoslovakia Bronze
VINDYS, Otto Czechoslovakia Bronze

1920: Tennis - mixed doubles Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LENGLEN, Suzanne France Gold
DECUGIS, Max France Gold
MCKANE, Kathleen United Kingdom Silver
WOOSNAM, Maxwell United Kingdom Silver
SKRBKOVA, Milada Czechoslovakia Bronze
ZEMLA, Ladislav Czechoslovakia Bronze