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The Results for Denmark in 1924

Olympiad Medal Results

Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men Boxing - 57.15 - 61.24kg (lightweight) Men Boxing - 72.57 - 79.38kg (light-heavyweight) Men Cycling Track - 2000m tandem Men Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed
Fencing - foil individual Women Sailing - 6m Mixed Shooting - 600m free rifle, individual Men

1924: Boxing - + 79.38kg (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VON PORAT, Otto Norway Gold
PETERSEN, Sören Denmark Silver
PORZIO, Alfredo Argentina Bronze

1924: Boxing - 57.15 - 61.24kg (lightweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
NIELSEN, Hans Jacob Denmark Gold
COPELLO, Alfredo Argentina Silver
BOYLSTEIN, Frederick United States Bronze

1924: Boxing - 72.57 - 79.38kg (light-heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MITCHELL, Harry United Kingdom Gold
PETERSEN, Thyge Denmark Silver
SÖRSDAL, Sverre Norway Bronze

1924: Cycling Track - 2000m tandem Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CHOURY, Lucien France Gold
CUGNOT, Jean France Gold
FALCK HANSEN, Willy Denmark Silver
HANSEN, Edmund Denmark Silver
BOSCH VAN DRAKESTEIN, Gerald Henri Netherlands Bronze
PEETERS, Mauritius Netherlands Bronze

1924: Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN DER VOORT VAN ZIJP, Adolf Dirk C. Netherlands Gold
SILVER-PIECE, Netherlands Gold
METOO, Denmark Silver
KIRKEBJERG, Frode Rasmussen Denmark Silver
PATHFINDER, United States Bronze
DOAK, Sloan United States Bronze

1924: Fencing - foil individual Women

Athlete Nation Medal
OSIIER, Ellen Ottilia Denmark Gold
DAVIS, Gladis Muriel United Kingdom Silver
HECKSCHER, Grete Denmark Bronze

1924: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LUNDE, Eugen Peder Norway Gold
DAHL, Christopher Johan Norway Gold
LUNDGREN, Anders Norway Gold
DEGN, Knud Oluf Denmark Silver
NIELSEN, Christian Sören Denmark Silver
VETT, Vilhelm Denmark Silver
CARP, Johan Robbert Netherlands Bronze
GUEPIN, Antonij Johannes Netherlands Bronze
VREEDE, Jan Anthony Netherlands Bronze

1924: Shooting - 600m free rifle, individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FISHER, Morris United States Gold
OSBURN, Carl Townsend United States Silver
LARSEN, Niels Hansen Ditlev Denmark Bronze