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The Results for Denmark in 1956

Olympiad Medal Results

Canoe / Kayak Flatwater - K-1 500m (kayak single) Women Equestrian / Dressage - individual Mixed Sailing - dragon Mixed Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men

1956: Canoe / Kayak Flatwater - K-1 500m (kayak single) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
DEMENTYEVA, Elizaveta Soviet Union Gold
ZENZ, Therese United Team of Germany Silver
SÖBY, Tove Goltermann Denmark Bronze

1956: Equestrian / Dressage - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
SAINT CYR, Henri Sweden Gold
JULI, Sweden Gold
HARTEL, Lis Denmark Silver
JUBILEE, Denmark Silver
LINSENHOFF, Liselott United Team of Germany Bronze
ADULAR, United Team of Germany Bronze

1956: Sailing - dragon Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
BOHLIN, Folke Sweden Gold
PALMQUIST, Bengt Sweden Gold
WIKSTRÖM, Leif Sweden Gold
BERNTSEN, Ole Valdemar Henrik Denmark Silver
ANDRESEN, Cyril Romain Denmark Silver
VON BÜLOW, Christian Robert Denmark Silver
MANN, Graham Hargrave United Kingdom Bronze
BACKUS, Ronald United Kingdom Bronze
JANSON, Jonathan United Kingdom Bronze

1956: Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ELVSTROM, Paul Denmark Gold
NELIS, Andre Belgium Silver
MARVIN, John United States Bronze