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The Results for Denmark in 1988

Olympiad Medal Results

Cycling Track - Points Race Men Sailing - fleet/match race keelboat open (Soling) Mixed Sailing - flying dutchman Mixed Swimming - 200m butterfly Men

1988: Cycling Track - Points Race Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FROST, Dan Denmark Gold
PEELEN, Leo Netherlands Silver
GANEEV, Marat Soviet Union Bronze

1988: Sailing - fleet/match race keelboat open (Soling) Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
SCHÜMANN, Jochen East Germany Gold
FLACH, Thomas East Germany Gold
JÄKEL, Bernd East Germany Gold
KOSTECKI, John Paul United States Silver
BAYLIS, William Henry United States Silver
BILLINGHAM, Robert Iain Colin United States Silver
BANK, Jesper Denmark Bronze
MATHIASEN, Jan Dupont Denmark Bronze
SECHER, Steen Klaaborg Denmark Bronze

1988: Sailing - flying dutchman Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
MÖLLER, Jörgen Bojsen Denmark Gold
GRÖNBORG, Christian Denmark Gold
POLLEN, Ole Petter Norway Silver
BJÖRKUM, Erik Norway Silver
MCLAUGHLIN, Frank Joseph Canada Bronze
MILLEN, John Charles Canada Bronze

1988: Swimming - 200m butterfly Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GROSS, Michael West Germany Gold
NIELSEN, Benny Leo Denmark Silver
MOSSE, Anthony New Zealand Bronze