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The Results for France in 1994

Olympiad Medal Results

Biathlon - 15km Women Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Men Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Women Figure skating - individual Men Freestyle Skiing - moguls Men

1994: Biathlon - 15km Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BEDARD, Myriam Canada Gold
BRIAND BOUTHIAUX, Anne France Silver
DISL, Uschi Germany Bronze

1994: Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GROSS, Ricco Germany Gold
LUCK, Frank Germany Gold
KIRCHNER, Mark Germany Gold
FISCHER, Sven Germany Gold
KIRIENKO, Valeri Russian Federation Silver
DRATSCHEV, Vladimir Russian Federation Silver
TARASOV, Sergei Russian Federation Silver
TCHEPIKOV, Sergei Russian Federation Silver
DUSSERRE, Thierry France Bronze
BAILLY-SALINS, Patrice France Bronze
LAURENT, Lionel France Bronze
FLANDIN, Hervé France Bronze

1994: Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
TALANOVA, Nadejda Russian Federation Gold
SNYTINA, Natalia Russian Federation Gold
NOSKOVA, Louiza Russian Federation Gold
REZTSOVA, Anfisa Russian Federation Gold
DISL, Uschi Germany Silver
HARVEY, Antje Germany Silver
GREINER-PETTER-MEMM, Simone Germany Silver
SCHAAF, Petra Germany Silver
NIOGRET, Corinne France Bronze
CLAUDEL, Véronique France Bronze
BURLET, Delphyne France Bronze
BRIAND BOUTHIAUX, Anne France Bronze

1994: Figure skating - individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
URMANOV, Aleksei Russian Federation Gold
STOJKO, Elvis Canada Silver
CANDELORO, Philippe France Bronze

1994: Freestyle Skiing - moguls Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRASSARD, Jean-Luc Canada Gold
SHUPLETSOV, Sergei Russian Federation Silver
GROSPIRON, Edgar France Bronze