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The Results for Germany in 1900

Olympiad Medal Results

Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men Rugby - rugby Men Sailing - open class Mixed Swimming - 200m backstroke Men Swimming - 200m team swimming Men

1900: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GOSSLER, Oscar Germany Gold
KATZENSTEIN, Walther Germany Gold
TIETGENS, Waldemar Germany Gold
GOSSLER, Gustav Ludwig Germany Gold
GOSSLER, Carl Heinrich Germany Gold
DELCHAMBRE, Emile France Gold
CAU, Jean France Gold
BOUCKAERT, Henri France Gold
HAZEBROUCK, Henri France Gold
CHARLOT, France Gold
PERRIN, Charles France Silver
SOUBEYRAN, Daniel France Silver
WEGELIN, Emile France Silver
LUMPP, Georges France Silver
LOTSY, Gerhard Oswald Netherlands Silver
HIEBENDAAI, Coenraad Christiaan Netherlands Silver
LOTSY, Paulus Jan Netherlands Silver
TERWOGT, Johannes Hester Lambertus Netherlands Silver
BROCKMANN, Hermanus Gerardus Netherlands Silver
LEHLE, Carl Germany Bronze
FELLE, Ernst Germany Bronze
WILKER, Hermann Germany Bronze
FICKEISEN, Otto Germany Bronze
KRÖWERATH, Franz Germany Bronze
RÜSTER, Hugo Germany Bronze
CARSTENS, Wilhelm Germany Bronze
KÖRNER, Julius Germany Bronze
MÖLLER, Adolf Germany Bronze
MOTHS, Gustav Adolf Germany Bronze

1900: Rugby - rugby Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PHARAMOND, Alexandre France Gold
REICHEL, Frantz France Gold
COLLAS, Jean France Gold
HENRIQUEZ, Albert France Gold
GIROUX, Auguste France Gold
RISCHMANN, André France Gold
BINOCHE, Jean France Gold
GONDOUIN, Charles France Gold
ROOSEVELT, A. France Gold
SARRADE, France Gold
AITOFF, Vladimir France Gold
OLIVIER, Joseph France Gold
GAUTIER, G. France Gold
ALBERT, A. France Gold
LARCHANDET, Victor France Gold
HERVE, J. France Gold
KREUZER, Hermann Germany Silver
LANDVOIGT, Arnold Germany Silver
REITZ, Heinrich Germany Silver
HERRMANN, Jacob Germany Silver
LUDWIG, Erich Germany Silver
BETTING, Hugo Germany Silver
SCHMIERER, August Germany Silver
MÜLLER, Fritz Germany Silver
STOCKHAUSEN, Adolf Germany Silver
LATSCHA, Hans Germany Silver
HOFMEISTER, Willy Germany Silver
WENDEROTH, Georg Germany Silver
POPPE, Eduard Germany Silver
LUDWIG, Richard Germany Silver
AMRHEIN, Albert Germany Silver
LOVEITT, H.A. United Kingdom Silver
WHITTINDALE, Raymond United Kingdom Silver
NICOL, N.S. United Kingdom Silver
WHITTINDALE, Claud United Kingdom Silver
HOOD, L. United Kingdom Silver
BIRTLES, J.Henry United Kingdom Silver
CAUTLON, J. United Kingdom Silver
DEYKIN, C.P. United Kingdom Silver
DARBY, Artur John United Kingdom Silver
WALLIS, J.G. United Kingdom Silver
SMITH, V. United Kingdom Silver
LOGAN, M.L. United Kingdom Silver
BAYLISS, F.C. United Kingdom Silver
TALBOT, M.W. United Kingdom Silver
WILSON, Francis Henry United Kingdom Silver

1900: Sailing - open class Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LORD CURRIE, Lorne Campbell United Kingdom Gold
GRETTON, John H. United Kingdom Gold
HOPE, Linton United Kingdom Gold
WIESNER, Martin Germany Silver
PETERS, Heinrich Germany Silver
WEISE, Ottokar Germany Silver
NAUE, Georg Germany Silver
MICHELET, E. France Bronze
MICHELET, F. France Bronze

1900: Swimming - 200m backstroke Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HOPPENBERG, Ernst Germany Gold
RUBERL, Karl Austria Silver
DROST, Johannes Netherlands Bronze

1900: Swimming - 200m team swimming Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HAINLE, Max Germany Gold
SCHÖNE, Max Germany Gold
FREY, Julius Germany Gold
VON PETERSDORFF, Herbert Germany Gold
HOPPENBERG, Ernst Germany Gold
BERTRAND, France Silver
HOCHEPIED, Maurice France Silver
VERBECKE, France Silver
CADET, France Silver
HOCHEPIED, Victor France Silver
LEUILLIEUX, Jean France Bronze
MARTIN, Louis France Bronze
HOUBEN, France Bronze
TARTARA, France Bronze
MERCHEZ, Désiré France Bronze