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The Results for Germany in 1932

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 100m Men Athletics - 4x100m relay Men Athletics - decathlon Men Athletics - javelin throw Women Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men
Boxing - 54 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men Boxing - 61.24 - 66.68kg (welterweight) Men Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men
Shooting - 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men Water polo - water polo Men Weightlifting - + 82.5kg, total (heavyweight) Men Weightlifting - - 60kg, total (featherweight) Men Weightlifting - 67.5 - 75kg, total (middleweight) Men
Wrestling Greco-Roman - - 56kg (bantamweight) Men Wrestling Greco-Roman - 56 - 61kg (featherweight) Men Wrestling Greco-Roman - 61 - 66kg (lightweight) Men Wrestling Greco-Roman - 72 - 79kg (middleweight) Men Bobsleigh - four-man Men
Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1932: Athletics - 100m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TOLAN, Eddie United States Gold
METCALFE, Ralph United States Silver
JONATH, Arthur Germany Bronze

1932: Athletics - 4x100m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KIESEL, Robert Allan United States Gold
TOPPINO, Martin Emmett United States Gold
DYER, Hector Monroe United States Gold
WYKOFF, Frank Clifford United States Gold
KÖRNIG, Helmuth Germany Silver
HENDRIX, Fritz Germany Silver
BORCHMEYER, Erich Germany Silver
JONATH, Arthur Germany Silver
CASTELLI, Giuseppe Italy Bronze
FACELLI, Luigi Italy Bronze
MAREGATTI, Ruggero Italy Bronze
TOETTI, Edgardo Italy Bronze

1932: Athletics - decathlon Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BAUSCH, James Aloysius Bernard United States Gold
JÄRVINEN, Akiles Eero Johannes Finland Silver
EBERLE, Wolrad Germany Bronze

1932: Athletics - javelin throw Women

Athlete Nation Medal
DIDRIKSON, Mildred United States Gold
BRAUMÜLLER, Ellen Germany Silver
FLEISCHER, Mathilde (Tilly) Germany Bronze

1932: Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GWYNNE, Horace Lefty Canada Gold
ZIGLARSKI, Hans Germany Silver
VILLANUEVA, Jose Philippines Bronze

1932: Boxing - 54 - 57.15kg (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ROBLEDO, Carmelo Ambrosio Argentina Gold
SCHLEINKOFER, Josef Germany Silver
CARLSSON-EKEBACK, Allan Sweden Bronze

1932: Boxing - 61.24 - 66.68kg (welterweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FLYNN, Edward L. United States Gold
CAMPE, Erich Germany Silver
AHLBERG, Bruno Valfrid Finland Bronze

1932: Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MYERS, Kenneth United States Gold
GILMORE, Williams E.Garrett United States Gold
BUHTZ, Herbert Germany Silver
BOETZELEN, Gerhard Germany Silver
PRATT, Charles E. Canada Bronze
DE MILLE, Noel Canada Bronze

1932: Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BADCOCK, John Charles United Kingdom Gold
EDWARDS, Hugh United Kingdom Gold
BERESFORD, Jack United Kingdom Gold
GEORGE, Rowland David United Kingdom Gold
ALETTER, Karl Germany Silver
GABER, Ernst Germany Silver
FLINSCH, Walter Germany Silver
MAIER, Hans Germany Silver
GHIARDELLO, Antonio Italy Bronze
COSSU, Francesco Italy Bronze
D, Giliante Italy Bronze
PROVENZANI GARZONI, Antonio Italy Bronze

1932: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ELLER, Hans Germany Gold
HOECK, Horst Germany Gold
MEYER, Walter Germany Gold
SPREMBERG, Joachim Germany Gold
NEUMANN, Karl-Heinz Germany Gold
VATTOVAZ, Bruno Italy Silver
PLAZZER, Giovanni Italy Silver
DIVORA, Riccardo Italy Silver
PAROVEL, Bruno Italy Silver
SCHER, Giorgio Italy Silver
BRAUN, Jerzy Poland Bronze
SLAZAK, Janusz Poland Bronze
URBAN, Stanislaw Poland Bronze
KOBYLINSKI, Edward Poland Bronze
SKOLIMOWSKI, Jerzy Poland Bronze

1932: Shooting - 25m rapid fire pistol (60 shots) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MORIGI, Renzo Italy Gold
HAX, Heinz Germany Silver
MATTEUCCI, Domenico Italy Bronze

1932: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRODY, György Hungary Gold
IVÁDY, Sándor Hungary Gold
HOMONNAI, Lajos Hungary Gold
HALASSY, Oliver Hungary Gold
VÉRTESI (VRABELY), József Hungary Gold
NEMETH, János Hungary Gold
KESERU, Ferenc Hungary Gold
BARTA, István Hungary Gold
SÁRKÁNY, Miklós Hungary Gold
KESERU, Alajos Hungary Gold
RADEMACHER, Erich Germany Silver
GUNST, Fritz Germany Silver
CORDES, Otto Germany Silver
BENECKE, Emil Germany Silver
RADEMACHER, Joachim Germany Silver
SCHWARTZ, Heiko Germany Silver
SCHULZE, Hans Germany Silver
ECKSTEIN, Hans Germany Silver
WILDMAN, Herbert Henry United States Bronze
STRONG, F.Calvert United States Bronze
FINN, Charles Thornton United States Bronze
MCCALLISTER, Charles Harold United States Bronze
DAUBENSPECK, Philip Burton United States Bronze
CLAPP, Austin Rhone United States Bronze
O'CONNOR, James Wallace United States Bronze

1932: Weightlifting - + 82.5kg, total (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SKOBLA, Jaroslav Czechoslovakia Gold
PSENICKA SR., Václav Czechoslovakia Silver
STRASSBERGER, Josef Germany Bronze

1932: Weightlifting - - 60kg, total (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SUVIGNY, Raymond France Gold
WÖLPERT, Johannes (Hans) Germany Silver
TERLAZZO, Anthony United States Bronze

1932: Weightlifting - 67.5 - 75kg, total (middleweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ISMAYR, Rudolf Germany Gold
GALIMBERTI, Carlo Italy Silver
HIPFINGER, Karl Austria Bronze

1932: Wrestling Greco-Roman - - 56kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRENDEL, Jacob Germany Gold
NIZZOLA, Marcello Italy Silver
FRANCOIS, Louis France Bronze

1932: Wrestling Greco-Roman - 56 - 61kg (featherweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GOZZI, Giovanni Italy Gold
EHRL, Wolfgang Germany Silver
KOSKELA, Lauri Finland Bronze

1932: Wrestling Greco-Roman - 61 - 66kg (lightweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MALMBERG, Eric Sweden Gold
KURLAND, Abraham Denmark Silver
SPERLING, Eduard Germany Bronze

1932: Wrestling Greco-Roman - 72 - 79kg (middleweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KOKKINEN, Väinö Anselmi Finland Gold
FÖLDEÁK, Jean Germany Silver
CADIER, Axel Sweden Bronze

1932: Bobsleigh - four-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FISKE, William United States Gold
EAGAN, Edward United States Gold
GRAY, Clifford Barton United States Gold
O'BRIEN, Jay James United States Gold
STEVENS, J. Hubert United States Gold
HOMBURGER, Henry A. United States Silver
BRYANT, Precy D. United States Silver
STEVENS, Francis Paul United States Silver
HORTON, Edmund C United States Silver
MARTIN, Harry G United States Silver
GOODRICH, Hunter United States Silver
ASHFORTH, Albert United States Silver
LIPSON, Howard S United States Silver
HACKNEY, Clement United States Silver
STEVENS, Curtis United States Silver
MEHLHHORN, Hans Germany Bronze
LUDWIG, Max Germany Bronze
KILIAN, Hanns Germany Bronze
HUBER, Sebastian Germany Bronze
KROTKI, Rudolf Germany Bronze
GRAU, Fritz Germany Bronze
HOPMANN, Helmut Germany Bronze
BREHME, Albert Germany Bronze
ROSSNER, Heinrich Germany Bronze
HUTH, Werner Germany Bronze
ZAHN, Werner Germany Bronze

1932: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
COCKBURN, William George Canada Gold
WAGNER, W. Stanley Canada Gold
SUTHERLAND, Hugh Canada Gold
HINKEL, Roy Canada Gold
MONSON, Walter Canada Gold
SIMPSON, Harold Canada Gold
GARBUTT, George Canada Gold
MALLOY, Norman Canada Gold
WISE, J. Alliston Canada Gold
LINDQUIST, C. Victor Canada Gold
RIVERS, N.Romeo Canada Gold
MOORE, Kenneth Canada Gold
CROWLEY, Clifford Canada Gold
DUNCANSON, Albert Canada Gold
FARRELL, Franklin United States Silver
FRAZIER, Edward Hartwell United States Silver
ANDERSON, Osborn United States Silver
GARRISON, John Bright United States Silver
FITZGERALD, Joseph United States Silver
HALLOCK, Gerard United States Silver
LIVINGSTON, Robert Cambridge United States Silver
CHASE, John Pierce United States Silver
NELSON, Francis Augustus United States Silver
BENT, John Peale United States Silver
COOKMAN, John Emery United States Silver
PALMER, Winthrop Hale United States Silver
EVERETT, Douglas Newton United States Silver
SMITH, Gordon United States Silver
LEINWEBER, Walter Germany Bronze
HEINRICH, Alfred Germany Bronze
RÖMER, Erich Germany Bronze
BALL, Rudolf Germany Bronze
STROBL, Georg Germany Bronze
HERKER, Erich Germany Bronze
JÄNECKE, Gustav Germany Bronze
KORFF, Werner Germany Bronze
SCHRÖTTLE, Martin Germany Bronze
SLEVOGT, Marquardt Germany Bronze