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The Results for India in 1948

Olympiad Medal Results

Hockey - hockey Men

1948: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FRANCIS, Ranganandhan India Gold
SINGH, Trilochan India Gold
AHKTAR, Hussain India Gold
CLAUDIUS, Leslie Walter India Gold
DATT, Keshava India Gold
RAJPUT, Jaswant India Gold
LAL, Kishan India Gold
SINGH, Kunwar Digvijai India Gold
RODRIGUES, Reginald India Gold
JANSEN, Patrick India Gold
LATIF, Ur Rehman India Gold
PINTO, Leo India Gold
SINGH GENTLE, Randhir India Gold
KUMAR, Amir Chand India Gold
VAZ, Max India Gold
SINGH DOSANJH, Balbir India Gold
FERNANDES, Lawrence India Gold
D'SOUZA, Walter India Gold
SINGH, Grahanandan Nandy India Gold
GLACKEN, Gerald India Gold
BRODIE, David L.S. United Kingdom Silver
SIME, George B. United Kingdom Silver
LINDSAY, William L.C. United Kingdom Silver
WALFORD, Michael Moore United Kingdom Silver
REYNOLDS, Frank O. United Kingdom Silver
LINDSAY, Frederick Robin United Kingdom Silver
PEAKE, John Morris United Kingdom Silver
DAVIS, Ronald United Kingdom Silver
ADLARD, Robert Edward United Kingdom Silver
BORRETT, Norman Francis United Kingdom Silver
GRIFFITHS, William Salterlee United Kingdom Silver
WHITE, William Neil United Kingdom Silver
RICHTER, Antonius Maria Netherlands Bronze
DERCKX, Henri Jean Joseph Netherlands Bronze
DRIJVER, Johan Frederik Netherlands Bronze
LANGHOUT, Jenne Netherlands Bronze
LOGGERE, Hermanus Pieter Netherlands Bronze
TIEL, Edouard Herbert Netherlands Bronze
VAN HEEL, Willem Netherlands Bronze
BOERSTRA, Andries Cornelis Dirk Netherlands Bronze
BROMBERG, Pieter Marie Johan Netherlands Bronze
KRUIZE, Jan Hendrik Netherlands Bronze
ESSER, Rius Theo Netherlands Bronze
BOUWMAN, Hendricus Nicolaas Netherlands Bronze