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The Results for Indonesia in 2000

Olympiad Medal Results

Badminton - doubles Men Badminton - doubles Mixed Badminton - singles Men Weightlifting - 48kg Women Weightlifting - 53kg Women

2000: Badminton - doubles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GUNAWAN, Tony Indonesia Gold
WIJAYA, Candra Indonesia Gold
LEE, Dong Soo Korea, Republic of Silver
YOO, Yong-Sung Korea, Republic of Silver
HA, Tae-Kwon Korea, Republic of Bronze
KIM, Dong Moon Korea, Republic of Bronze

2000: Badminton - doubles Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
ZHANG, Jun China Gold
GAO, Ling China Gold
KUSHANJANTO, Tri Indonesia Silver
TIMUR, Minarti Indonesia Silver
ARCHER, Simon United Kingdom Bronze
GOODE, Joanne United Kingdom Bronze

2000: Badminton - singles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
JI, Xinpeng China Gold
HENDRAWAN, Indonesia Silver
XIA, Xuanze China Bronze

2000: Weightlifting - 48kg Women

Athlete Nation Medal
NOTT, Tara United States Gold
RUMBEWAS, Raema Lisa Indonesia Silver
INDRIYANI, Sri Indonesia Bronze

2000: Weightlifting - 53kg Women

Athlete Nation Medal
YANG, Xia China Gold
LI, Feng-Ying Chinese Taipei Silver
SLAMET, Winarni Binti Indonesia Bronze