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The Results for Italy in 1936

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 1500m Men Athletics - 4x100m relay Men Athletics - 800m Men Athletics - 80m hurdles Women Athletics - discus throw Men
Boxing - - 50.8kg (flyweight) Men Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men Fencing - épée individual Men Fencing - épée team Men
Fencing - foil individual Men Fencing - foil team Men Fencing - sabre individual Men Fencing - sabre team Men Football - football Men
Modern Pentathlon - Individual competition Men Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men Sailing - 8m Mixed

1936: Athletics - 1500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LOVELOCK, John New Zealand Gold
CUNNINGHAM, Glenn United States Silver
BECCALI, Luigi Italy Bronze

1936: Athletics - 4x100m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
OWENS, Jesse United States Gold
METCALFE, Ralph United States Gold
DRAPER, Foy United States Gold
WYKOFF, Frank Clifford United States Gold
MARIANI, Orazio Italy Silver
CALDANA, Gianni Italy Silver
RAGNI, Elio Italy Silver
GONNELLI, Tullio Italy Silver
LEICHUM, Wilhelm Germany Bronze
BORCHMEYER, Erich Germany Bronze
GILLMEISTER, Erwin Germany Bronze
HORNBERGER, Gerd Germany Bronze

1936: Athletics - 800m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WOODRUFF, John Youie United States Gold
LANZI, Mario Italy Silver
EDWARDS, Philip Canada Bronze

1936: Athletics - 80m hurdles Women

Athlete Nation Medal
VALLA, Trebisonda Italy Gold
STEUER, Anni Germany Silver
TAYLOR-CAMPBELL, Elizabeth Canada Bronze

1936: Athletics - discus throw Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CARPENTER, William Kenneth United States Gold
DUNN, Gordon Glover United States Silver
OBERWEGER, Giorgio Italy Bronze

1936: Boxing - - 50.8kg (flyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KAISER, Willi Germany Gold
MATTA, Gavino Italy Silver
LAURIA, Louis Daniel United States Bronze

1936: Boxing - 50.8 - 54kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SERGO, Ulderico Italy Gold
WILSON, Jack United States Silver
ORTIZ, Fidel Mexico Bronze

1936: Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CHARPENTIER, Robert France Gold
GOUJON, Jean France Gold
LAPEBIE, Guy France Gold
LE NIZERHY, Roger France Gold
BIANCHI, Bianco Italy Silver
GENTILI, Mario Italy Silver
LATINI, Armando Italy Silver
RIGONI, Severino Italy Silver
HILL, Harry Heaton United Kingdom Bronze
JOHNSON, Ernest Alfred United Kingdom Bronze
KING, Charles Thomas United Kingdom Bronze
MILLS, Ernest Victor United Kingdom Bronze

1936: Fencing - épée individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
RICCARDI, Franco Italy Gold
RAGNO, Saverio Italy Silver
CORNAGGIA-MEDICI, Giancarlo C. Italy Bronze

1936: Fencing - épée team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PEZZANA, Alfredo Italy Gold
MANGIAROTTI, Edoardo Italy Gold
RAGNO, Saverio Italy Gold
CORNAGGIA-MEDICI, Giancarlo C. Italy Gold
BRUSATI, Giancarlo Italy Gold
RICCARDI, Franco Italy Gold
DRAKENBERG, Hans Sweden Silver
GRANFELT, Hans Sweden Silver
DYRSSEN, Gustaf Sweden Silver
ALMGREN, Gustav Sweden Silver
CEDERIN, Birger Sweden Silver
THOFELT, Sven Sweden Silver
DULIEUX, Henri France Bronze
CATTIAU, Philippe France Bronze
BUCHARD, Georges France Bronze
WORMSER, Paul France Bronze
PECHEUX, Michel France Bronze
SCHMETZ, Bernard France Bronze

1936: Fencing - foil individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Gold
GARDERE, Edouard France Silver
BOCCHINO, Giorgio Italy Bronze

1936: Fencing - foil team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BOCCHINO, Giorgio Italy Gold
DI ROSA, Manlio Italy Gold
GUARAGNA, Gioachino Italy Gold
VERRATTI, Ciro Italy Gold
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Gold
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Gold
GARDERE, Edouard France Silver
GARDERE, André France Silver
COUTROT, Jacques France Silver
BOUGNOL, René France Silver
BONDOUX, René France Silver
LEMOINE, René France Silver
LERDON, Siegfried Germany Bronze
HEIM, August Germany Bronze
CASMIR, Erwin Germany Bronze
EISENECKER, Julius Germany Bronze
ROSENBAUER, Stefan Germany Bronze
ADAM, Otto Germany Bronze

1936: Fencing - sabre individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KABOS, Endre Hungary Gold
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Silver
GEREVICH, Aladar Hungary Bronze

1936: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KOVACS, Pal Adam Hungary Gold
BERCZELLY, Tibor Hungary Gold
RAJCZY, Imre Hungary Gold
GEREVICH, Aladar Hungary Gold
KABOS, Endre Hungary Gold
RAJCSANYI, Laszlo Hungary Gold
PINTON, Vincenzo Italy Silver
MASCIOTTA, Aldo Italy Silver
TANZINI, Athos Italy Silver
MONTANO, Aldo Italy Silver
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Silver
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Silver
JÖRGER, Hans Germany Bronze
EISENECKER, Julius Germany Bronze
HEIM, August Germany Bronze
CASMIR, Erwin Germany Bronze
WAHL, Richard Germany Bronze
ESSER, Hans Germany Bronze

1936: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VENTURINI, Bruno Italy Gold
FONI, Alfredo Italy Gold
RAVA, Pietro Italy Gold
BALDO, Giuseppe Italy Gold
PICCINI, Achille Italy Gold
LOCATELLI, Ugo Italy Gold
FROSSI, Annibale Italy Gold
MARCHINI, Libero Italy Gold
SCARABELLO, Luigi Italy Gold
BIAGI, Carlo Italy Gold
CAPPELLI, Giulio Italy Gold
BERTONI, Sergio Italy Gold
NEGRO, Alfonso Italy Gold
GABRIOTTI, Francesco Italy Gold
KAINBERGER, Eduard Austria Silver
KÜNZ, Ernst Austria Silver
KARGL, Martin Austria Silver
KRENN, Anton Austria Silver
WALLMÜLLER, Karl Austria Silver
HOFMEISTER, Max Austria Silver
WERGINZ, Walter Austria Silver
LAUDON, Adolf Austria Silver
STEINMETZ, Klement Austria Silver
KITZMÜLLER, Josef Austria Silver
FUCHSBERGER, Franz Austria Silver
MANDL, Franz Austria Silver
KAINBERGER, Karl Austria Silver
JOHANSEN, Henry Norway Bronze
HORN, Fredrik Norway Bronze
ERIKSEN, Nils Norway Bronze
ULLEBERG, Frithjof Norway Bronze
JUVE, Jorgen Norway Bronze
HOLMBERG, Rolf Norway Bronze
HANSEN, Sverre Norway Bronze
ISAKSEN, Magnar Norway Bronze
MARTINSEN, Alf Norway Bronze
KVAMMEN, Reidar Osvald Norway Bronze
BRUSTAD, Arne Norway Bronze
HOLMSEN, Oivind Norway Bronze
FRANTZEN, Odd Norway Bronze
MONSEN, Magdalon Johannes Norway Bronze

1936: Modern Pentathlon - Individual competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HANDRICK, Gotthard Germany Gold
LEONARD, Charles Fredrick United States Silver
ABBA, Silvano Italy Bronze

1936: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MORRIS, Herbert Roger United States Gold
DAY, Charles Ward United States Gold
ADAM, Gordon Belgum United States Gold
WHITE, John Galbraith United States Gold
MCMILLIN, James Burge United States Gold
HUNT, George Elwood Jr. United States Gold
RANTZ, Joseph Harry United States Gold
HUME, Donald Bruce United States Gold
MOCH, Robert Gaston United States Gold
DEL BIMBO, Guglielmo Italy Silver
BARSOTTI, Dino Italy Silver
GROSSI, Oreste Italy Silver
BARTOLINI, Enzo Italy Silver
CHECCACCI, Mario Italy Silver
SECCHI, Dante Italy Silver
QUAGLIERINI, Ottorino Italy Silver
GARZELLI, Enrico Italy Silver
MILANI, Cesare Italy Silver
RIECK, Alfred Germany Bronze
RADACH, Helmut Germany Bronze
KUSCHKE, Hans Germany Bronze
KAUFMANN, Heinz Germany Bronze
VÖLS, Gerd Germany Bronze
LOECKLE, Werner Germany Bronze
HANNEMANN, Hans-Joachim Germany Bronze
SCHMIDT, Herbert Germany Bronze
MAHLOW, Wilhelm Germany Bronze

1936: Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GUSTMANN, Gerhard Germany Gold
ADAMSKI, Herbert Germany Gold
AREND, Dietrich Germany Gold
BERGAMO, Almiro Italy Silver
SANTIN, Guido Italy Silver
NEGRINI, Luciano Italy Silver
FOURCADE, Marceau France Bronze
TAPIE, Georges France Bronze
VANDERNOTTE, Noël France Bronze

1936: Sailing - 8m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
REGGIO, Giovanni Leone Italy Gold
BIANCHI, Bruno Italy Gold
DE MANINCOR, Luigi Italy Gold
MORDINI, Domenico Italy Gold
POGGI, Luigi Mino Italy Gold
POGGI, Enrico Massimo Italy Gold
DITLEV-SIMONSEN, Olaf Christian Jr. Norway Silver
STRUKSNAS, Hans Soelberg Norway Silver
SCHMIDT, Lauritz Thure Thrap Norway Silver
WALLEM, Nordahl E. Norway Silver
THAMS, Jacob Tullin Norway Silver
DITLEV-SIMONSEN, John Peder Norway Silver
HOWALDT, Hans Germany Bronze
SCHEDER-BIESCHIN, Felix Germany Bronze
MOHR, Eduard Germany Bronze
WACHS, Otto Germany Bronze
BISCHOFF, Friedrich (Fritz) Germany Bronze