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The Results for Italy in 1968

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 110m hurdles Men Athletics - triple jump Men Boxing - + 81kg (heavyweight) Men Cycling Road - individual road race Men Cycling Road - team time trial Men
Cycling Track - Sprint indivual Men Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men Diving - 10m platform Men Diving - 3m springboard Men Fencing - épée individual Men
Fencing - sabre team Men Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men Sailing - two-person keelboat open (Star Mixed
Shooting - skeet (125 targets) Men Bobsleigh - four-man Men Bobsleigh - two-man Men Cross Country Skiing - 30km mass start Men Luge - singles Women

1968: Athletics - 110m hurdles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DAVENPORT, Willie United States Gold
HALL, Ervin United States Silver
OTTOZ, Eddy Italy Bronze

1968: Athletics - triple jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SANEEV, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
PRUDENCIO, Nelson Brazil Silver
GENTILE, Giuseppe Italy Bronze

1968: Boxing - + 81kg (heavyweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FOREMAN, George United States Gold
CHEPULIS, Ionas Soviet Union Silver
ROCHA, Joaquin Mexico Bronze
BAMBINI, Giorgio Italy Bronze

1968: Cycling Road - individual road race Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VIANELLI, Pierfranco Italy Gold
MORTENSEN, Leif Denmark Silver
PETTERSSON, Gösta A.B. Sweden Bronze

1968: Cycling Road - team time trial Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PIJNEN, Rene Marinus Netherlands Gold
DEN HERTOG, Fedor Netherlands Gold
KREKELS, Jan Jozef Alfons Netherlands Gold
ZOETEMELK, Hendrik G. Jozef Netherlands Gold
PETTERSSON, Gösta A.B. Sweden Silver
FÄGLUM-PETTERSSON, Sture Sweden Silver
FÄGLUM-PETTERSSON, Tomas Sweden Silver
MARCELLI, Vittorio Italy Bronze
SIMONETTI, Mauro Italy Bronze
VIANELLI, Pierfranco Italy Bronze
BRAMUCCI, Giovanni Italy Bronze

1968: Cycling Track - Sprint indivual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MORELON, Daniel France Gold
TURRINI, Giordano Italy Silver
TRENTIN, Pierre France Bronze

1968: Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ASMUSSEN, Gunnar Henry Denmark Gold
OLSEN, Reno Bent Denmark Gold
JÖRGENSEN, Per Pedersen Lyngemark Denmark Gold
JENSEN, Mogens Frey Denmark Gold
HEMPEL, Udo West Germany Silver
HENRICHS, Karlheinz West Germany Silver
LINK, Karl West Germany Silver
KISSNER, Jürgen West Germany Silver
BOSISIO, Lorenzo Italy Bronze
RONCAGLIA, Luigi Italy Bronze
CHEMELLO, Cipriano Italy Bronze
MORBIATO, Giorgio Italy Bronze

1968: Diving - 10m platform Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DIBIASI, Klaus Italy Gold
GAXIOLA ROBLES, Alvaro Mexico Silver
YOUNG, Edwin Frank United States Bronze

1968: Diving - 3m springboard Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WRIGHTSON, Bernard Charles United States Gold
DIBIASI, Klaus Italy Silver
HENRY, James Edward United States Bronze

1968: Fencing - épée individual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KULCSAR, Gyözö Hungary Gold
KRISS, Grigori Soviet Union Silver
SACCARO, Gianluigi Italy Bronze

1968: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
NAZLYMOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
SIDYAK, Viktor Soviet Union Gold
VINOKUROV, Eduard Soviet Union Gold
RAKITA, Mark Soviet Union Gold
MAVLIKHANOV, Umar Soviet Union Gold
CALARESE, Wladimiro Italy Silver
MAFFEI, Michele Italy Silver
SALVADORI, Cesare Italy Silver
CHICCA, Pierluigi Italy Silver
RIGOLI, Rolando Italy Silver
KOVACS, Tamas Hungary Bronze
KALMAR, Janos Hungary Bronze
BAKONYI, Peter Hungary Bronze
MESZENA, Miklos Hungary Bronze
PEZSA, Tibor Hungary Bronze

1968: Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FORBERGER, Frank East Germany Gold
GRAHN, Dieter East Germany Gold
RÜHLE, Frank East Germany Gold
SCHUBERT, Dieter East Germany Gold
MELIOS, Zoltan Hungary Silver
SARLOS, György Hungary Silver
CSERMELY, Jozsef Hungary Silver
MELIS, Antal Hungary Silver
BOSATTA, Renato Italy Bronze
BARAGLIA, Tullio Italy Bronze
CONTI-MANZINI, Pier Angelo Italy Bronze
ALBINI, Abramo Italy Bronze

1968: Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BARAN, Primo Italy Gold
SAMBO, Renzo Italy Gold
CIPOLLA, Bruno Italy Gold
SUSELBEEK, Herman Johan Netherlands Silver
VAN NES, Hadriaan Netherlands Silver
RIJNDERS, Roderick Falesca Rene Netherlands Silver
KRAB, Jorn Denmark Bronze
JORGENSEN, Harry Denmark Bronze
KRAB, Preben Denmark Bronze

1968: Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MANKIN, Valentyn Soviet Union Gold
RAUDASCHL, Hubert Austria Silver
ALBARELLI, Fabio Italy Bronze

1968: Sailing - two-person keelboat open (Star Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
NORTH, Lowell Orton United States Gold
BARRETT, Peter Jones United States Gold
LUNDE, Peder Jr. Norway Silver
WIKEN, Per Olav Norway Silver
CAVALLO, Franco Italy Bronze
GARGANO, Camillo Italy Bronze

1968: Shooting - skeet (125 targets) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PETROV, Yevgeni Soviet Union Gold
GARAGNANI, Romano Italy Silver
WIRNHIER, Konrad West Germany Bronze

1968: Bobsleigh - four-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MONTI, Eugenio Italy Gold
DE PAOLIS, Luciano Italy Gold
ZANDONELLA, Roberto Italy Gold
ARMANO, Mario Italy Gold
THALER, Erwin Austria Silver
DURNTHALER, Reinhold Austria Silver
GRUBER, Herbert Austria Silver
EDER, Josef Austria Silver
WICKI, Jean Switzerland Bronze
CANDRIAN, Hans Switzerland Bronze
HOFMANN, Willi Switzerland Bronze
GRAF, Walter Switzerland Bronze

1968: Bobsleigh - two-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MONTI, Eugenio Italy Gold
DE PAOLIS, Luciano Italy Gold
FLOTH, Horst West Germany Silver
BADER, Pepi West Germany Silver
PANTURU, Ion Romania Bronze
NEAGOE, Nicolae Romania Bronze

1968: Cross Country Skiing - 30km mass start Men

Athlete Nation Medal
NONES, Franco Italy Gold
MARTINSEN, Odd Norway Silver
MÄNTYRANTA, Eero Finland Bronze

1968: Luge - singles Women

Athlete Nation Medal
LECHNER, Erica Italy Gold
SCHMUCK, Christa West Germany Silver
DÜNHAUPT, Angelika West Germany Bronze