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The Results for Japan in 1928

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 800m Women Athletics - triple jump Men Swimming - 100m freestyle Men Swimming - 200m breaststroke Men Swimming - 4x200m freestyle relay Men

1928: Athletics - 800m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
RADKE, Karoline "Lina" Germany Gold
HITOMI, Kinue Japan Silver
GENTZEL, Inga K. Sweden Bronze

1928: Athletics - triple jump Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ODA, Mikio Japan Gold
CASEY, Levi B. United States Silver
TUULOS, Vilho Immanuel Finland Bronze

1928: Swimming - 100m freestyle Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WEISSMULLER, Johnny United States Gold
BARANY, Istvan Hungary Silver
TAKAISHI, Katsuo Japan Bronze

1928: Swimming - 200m breaststroke Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TSURUTA, Yoshiyuki Japan Gold
RADEMACHER, Erich Germany Silver
YLDEFONSO, Teofilo Philippines Bronze

1928: Swimming - 4x200m freestyle relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CLAPP, Austin Rhone United States Gold
LAUFER, Walter United States Gold
KOJAC, George Harold United States Gold
WEISSMULLER, Johnny United States Gold
YONEYAMA, Hiroshi Japan Silver
ARAI, Nobuo Japan Silver
SADA, Tokuhei Japan Silver
TAKAISHI, Katsuo Japan Silver
BOURNE, Frederick Munroe Canada Bronze
THOMPSON, James Canada Bronze
AULT, Garnet Walter Canada Bronze
SPENCE, Walter Canada Bronze