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The Results for Netherlands in 1924

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 4x100m relay Men Cycling Track - 2000m tandem Men Cycling Track - 50km Men Cycling Track - Sprint indivual Men Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed
Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed Fencing - sabre team Men Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men Sailing - 6m Mixed Tennis - mixed doubles Mixed

1924: Athletics - 4x100m relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CLARKE, Louis Alfred United States Gold
HUSSEY, Francis United States Gold
LECONEY, Jeremiah Alfred United States Gold
MURCHISON, Loren United States Gold
ABRAHAMS, Harold United Kingdom Silver
NICHOL, William Peter United Kingdom Silver
RANGELEY, Walter United Kingdom Silver
ROYLE, Lancelot Carrington United Kingdom Silver
BOOT, Jacobus Netherlands Bronze
BROOS, Henricus Adrianus Netherlands Bronze
DE VRIES, Jan Cornelis Netherlands Bronze
VAN DEN BERGE, Marinus Netherlands Bronze

1924: Cycling Track - 2000m tandem Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CHOURY, Lucien France Gold
CUGNOT, Jean France Gold
FALCK HANSEN, Willy Denmark Silver
HANSEN, Edmund Denmark Silver
BOSCH VAN DRAKESTEIN, Gerald Henri Netherlands Bronze
PEETERS, Mauritius Netherlands Bronze

1924: Cycling Track - 50km Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WILLEMS, Jacobus Netherlands Gold
ALDEN, Cyril Albert United Kingdom Silver
WYLD, Frederick Henry United Kingdom Bronze

1924: Cycling Track - Sprint indivual Men

Athlete Nation Medal
MICHARD, Lucien France Gold
MEIJER, Jacob Netherlands Silver
CUGNOT, Jean France Bronze

1924: Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN DER VOORT VAN ZIJP, Adolf Dirk C. Netherlands Gold
SILVER-PIECE, Netherlands Gold
METOO, Denmark Silver
KIRKEBJERG, Frode Rasmussen Denmark Silver
PATHFINDER, United States Bronze
DOAK, Sloan United States Bronze

1924: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
COLENBRANDER, Antonius Theodorus Netherlands Gold
KING OF HERRTS, Netherlands Gold
DE KRUIJFF, Gerard Pieter Netherlands Gold
ADDIO, Netherlands Gold
PAHUD DE MORTANGES, Charles Ferdinand Netherlands Gold
JOHNNIE-WALKER, Netherlands Gold
VAN DER VOORT VAN ZIJP, Adolf Dirk C. Netherlands Gold
SILVER-PIECE, Netherlands Gold
DE KÖNIG, Claës Sweden Silver
BOJAN, Sweden Silver
HAGELIN, Gustaf W. Sweden Silver
VARIUS, Sweden Silver
LEWENHAUPT, G. W. Sweden Silver
CANTER, Sweden Silver
SYLVAN, C. Torsten L. Sweden Silver
ANITA, Sweden Silver
ALVISI, Alessandro Italy Bronze
CAPILIGIO, Italy Bronze
DI PRALORMO, Emanuele Italy Bronze
MOUNTFÉLIX, Italy Bronze
LEQUIO DI ASSABA, Tommaso Italy Bronze
TORENA, Italy Bronze
LOMBARDI, Alberto Italy Bronze
PIMPLO, Italy Bronze

1924: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANSELMI, Renato Italy Gold
BALZARINI, Guido Italy Gold
BERTINETTI, Marcello Italy Gold
BINI, Bino Italy Gold
CUCCIA, Vincenzo Italy Gold
MORICCA, Oreste Italy Gold
PULITI, Oreste Italy Gold
SARROCCHI, Giulio Italy Gold
BERTI, Laszlo Hungary Silver
GARAY, Janos Hungary Silver
POSTA, Sandor Hungary Silver
RADY, Jozsef Hungary Silver
SCHENKER, Zoltan Hungary Silver
SZECHY, Laszlo Hungary Silver
TERSZTYANSZKY, Ödön Hungary Silver
UHLYARIK, Jenö Hungary Silver
DE JONG, Adrianus Egbertus Willem Netherlands Bronze
DOORMAN, Jetze Netherlands Bronze
SCHERPENHUYZEN, Hendrik Dorotheus Netherlands Bronze
VAN DER WIEL, Jan Netherlands Bronze
VAN DULM, Maarten Hendrik Netherlands Bronze
WYNOLDY-DANIELS, Henri Jacob Netherlands Bronze

1924: Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BEIJNEN, Antonie Christiaan Netherlands Gold
RÖSINGH, Wilhelm Netherlands Gold
BOUTON, Maurice France Silver
PIOT, Georges France Silver

1924: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LUNDE, Eugen Peder Norway Gold
DAHL, Christopher Johan Norway Gold
LUNDGREN, Anders Norway Gold
DEGN, Knud Oluf Denmark Silver
NIELSEN, Christian Sören Denmark Silver
VETT, Vilhelm Denmark Silver
CARP, Johan Robbert Netherlands Bronze
GUEPIN, Antonij Johannes Netherlands Bronze
VREEDE, Jan Anthony Netherlands Bronze

1924: Tennis - mixed doubles Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WIGHTMAN, Hazel Virginia United States Gold
WILLIAMS, Richard Norris III United States Gold
JESSUP, Marion United States Silver
RICHARDS, Vincent United States Silver
BOUMAN, Cornelia Netherlands Bronze
TIMMER, Hendrik Netherlands Bronze