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The Results for Netherlands in 2006

Olympiad Medal Results

Speed skating - 10000m Men Speed skating - 1000m Men Speed skating - 1000m Women Speed skating - 1500m Women Speed skating - 3000m Women
Speed skating - 5000m Men Speed skating - Team pursuit Men

2006: Speed skating - 10000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DE JONG, Bob Netherlands Gold
HEDRICK, Chad United States Silver
VERHEIJEN, Carl Netherlands Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 1000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DAVIS, Shani United States Gold
CHEEK, Joey United States Silver
WENNEMARS, Erben Netherlands Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 1000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
TIMMER, Marianne Netherlands Gold
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Silver
FRIESINGER, Anni Germany Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 1500m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Gold
GROVES, Kristina Canada Silver
WUST, Ireen Netherlands Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 3000m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WUST, Ireen Netherlands Gold
GROENEWOLD, Renate Netherlands Silver
KLASSEN, Cindy Canada Bronze

2006: Speed skating - 5000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HEDRICK, Chad United States Gold
KRAMER, Sven Netherlands Silver
FABRIS, Enrico Italy Bronze

2006: Speed skating - Team pursuit Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANESI, Matteo Italy Gold
DONAGRANDI, Stefano Italy Gold
FABRIS, Enrico Italy Gold
SANFRATELLO, Ippolito Italy Gold
DANKERS, Arne Canada Silver
ELM, Steven Canada Silver
MORRISON, Denny Canada Silver
PARKER, Jason Canada Silver
WARSYLEWICZ, Justin Canada Silver
KRAMER, Sven Netherlands Bronze
RITSMA, Rintje Netherlands Bronze
TUITERT, Mark Netherlands Bronze
VERHEIJEN, Carl Netherlands Bronze
WENNEMARS, Erben Netherlands Bronze