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The Results for New Zealand in 1972

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 1500m Men Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men

1972: Athletics - 1500m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VASALA, Pekka Finland Gold
KEINO, Kipchoge Kenya Silver
DIXON, Rodney New Zealand Bronze

1972: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HURT, Anthony New Zealand Gold
VELDMAN, Gerard Wybo New Zealand Gold
JOYCE, Richard John New Zealand Gold
HUNTER, John Andrew New Zealand Gold
WILSON, Lindsay New Zealand Gold
EARL, Athol New Zealand Gold
COKER, Trevor New Zealand Gold
ROBERTSON, Gary New Zealand Gold
DICKIE, Simon Charles New Zealand Gold
TERRY, Lawrence Jr. United States Silver
HOBBS, Franklin Warren Iv United States Silver
RAYMOND, Peter Harlow United States Silver
MICKELSON, Timothy Carl United States Silver
CLAPP, Eugene Howard Iv United States Silver
HOBBS, William Barton Rogers United States Silver
LIVINGSTON, John Cleve United States Silver
LIVINGSTON, Michael Kent United States Silver
HOFFMAN, Paul United States Silver
BORZYM, Hans-Joachim East Germany Bronze
LANDVOIGT, Jörg East Germany Bronze
DIMKE, Harold East Germany Bronze
SCHNEIDER, Manfred East Germany Bronze
SCHREIBER, Hartmut East Germany Bronze
SCHMORDE, Manfred East Germany Bronze
LANDVOIGT, Bernd East Germany Bronze
MEDEROW, Heinrich East Germany Bronze
SCHWARZ, Dietmar East Germany Bronze

1972: Rowing - four without coxswain (4-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FORBERGER, Frank East Germany Gold
RÜHLE, Frank East Germany Gold
GRAHN, Dieter East Germany Gold
SCHUBERT, Dieter East Germany Gold
TONKS, Richard New Zealand Silver
STOREY, Dudley Leonard New Zealand Silver
COLLINGE, Ross Hounsell New Zealand Silver
MILLS, Noel New Zealand Silver
EHRIG, Joachim Werner West Germany Bronze
FUNNEKÖTTER, Peter West Germany Bronze
HELD, Franz West Germany Bronze
PLOTTKE, Wolfgang West Germany Bronze