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The Results for New Zealand in 1996

Olympiad Medal Results

Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed Sailing - board (Mistral) Women Swimming - 200m freestyle Men Swimming - 400m freestyle Men

1996: Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
TAIT, Blyth New Zealand Gold
READY TEDDY, New Zealand Gold
CLARK, Sally New Zealand Silver
SQUIRREL HILL, New Zealand Silver
MILLIKIN, Kerry United States Bronze
OUT AND ABOUT, United States Bronze

1996: Equestrian / Eventing - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
HOY, Andrew Australia Gold
DARIEN POWERS, Australia Gold
SCHAEFFER, Wendy Australia Gold
SUNBURST, Australia Gold
DUTTON, Phillip Australia Gold
ROLTON, Gillian Australia Gold
O'CONNOR, Karen United States Silver
BIKO, United States Silver
O'CONNOR, David United States Silver
GILTEDGE, United States Silver
DAVIDSON, Bruce Oram United States Silver
HEYDAY, United States Silver
HENNEBERG, Jill United States Silver
NIRVANA, United States Silver
NICHOLSON, Andrew New Zealand Bronze
JAGERMEISTER II, New Zealand Bronze
JEFFERIS, Vaughn New Zealand Bronze
BOUNCE, New Zealand Bronze
TAIT, Blyth New Zealand Bronze
CHESTERFIELD, New Zealand Bronze
LATTA, Victoria Jean New Zealand Bronze
BROADCAST NEWS, New Zealand Bronze

1996: Sailing - board (Mistral) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
LEE, Lai Shan Hong Kong Gold
KENDALL, Barbara New Zealand Silver
SENSINI, Alessandra Italy Bronze

1996: Swimming - 200m freestyle Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LOADER, Danyon Joseph New Zealand Gold
BORGES, Gustavo Brazil Silver
KOWALSKI, Daniel Australia Bronze

1996: Swimming - 400m freestyle Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LOADER, Danyon Joseph New Zealand Gold
PALMER, Paul Rory United Kingdom Silver
KOWALSKI, Daniel Australia Bronze