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The Results for New Zealand in 2000

Olympiad Medal Results

Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed Rowing - single sculls (1x) Men Sailing - board (Mistral) Men Sailing - board (Mistral) Women

2000: Equestrian / Eventing - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
O'CONNOR, David United States Gold
CUSTOM MADE, United States Gold
HOY, Andrew Australia Silver
SWIZZLE IN, Australia Silver
TODD, Mark New Zealand Bronze
EYESPY II, New Zealand Bronze

2000: Rowing - single sculls (1x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WADDELL, Rob New Zealand Gold
MUELLER, Xeno Switzerland Silver
HACKER, Marcel Germany Bronze

2000: Sailing - board (Mistral) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SIEBER, Christoph Austria Gold
ESPINOLA, Carlos Argentina Silver
MCINTOSH, Aaron New Zealand Bronze

2000: Sailing - board (Mistral) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
SENSINI, Alessandra Italy Gold
LUX, Amelie Germany Silver
KENDALL, Barbara New Zealand Bronze