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The Results for Not Defined in 2004

Olympiad Medal Results

Shooting - 10m air pistol (40 shots) Women Water polo - water polo Men

2004: Shooting - 10m air pistol (40 shots) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
KOSTEVYCH, Olena Ukraine Gold
SEKARIC, Jasna Not Defined Silver
GROZDEVA, Maria Bulgaria Bronze

2004: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VARGA, Tamas Hungary Gold
GERGELY, Istvan Hungary Gold
VARI, Attila Hungary Gold
SZECSI, Zoltan Hungary Gold
STEINMETZ, Barnabas Hungary Gold
STEINMETZ, Adam Hungary Gold
MOLNAR, Tamas Hungary Gold
MADARAS, Norbert Hungary Gold
KISS, Gergely Hungary Gold
KASAS, Tamas Hungary Gold
FODOR, Rajmund Hungary Gold
BIROS, Peter Hungary Gold
BENEDEK, Tibor Hungary Gold
VUJASINOVIC, Vladimir Not Defined Silver
UDOVICIC, Vanja Not Defined Silver
TRBOJEVIC, Petar Not Defined Silver
SEFIK, Denis Not Defined Silver
SAVIC, Dejan Not Defined Silver
SAPIC, Aleksandar Not Defined Silver
NIKIC, Slobodan Not Defined Silver
KULJACA, Nikola Not Defined Silver
JOKIC, Predrag Not Defined Silver
JELENIC, Viktor Not Defined Silver
IKODINOVIC, Danilo Not Defined Silver
GOJKOVIC, Vladimir Not Defined Silver
CIRIC, Aleksandar Not Defined Silver
ZINNUROV, Irek Russian Federation Bronze
YURCHIK, Vitaly Russian Federation Bronze
STRATAN, Dmitry Russian Federation Bronze
KOZLOV, Nikolai Russian Federation Bronze
REKETCHINSKI, Andrei Russian Federation Bronze
GARBOUZOV, Serguei Russian Federation Bronze
MAKSIMOV, Nikolay Russian Federation Bronze
FEDOROV, Alexander Russian Federation Bronze
BALASHOV, Roman Russian Federation Bronze
ERYSHOV, Alexandre Russian Federation Bronze
ZAKIROV, Marat Russian Federation Bronze
GORSHKOV, Dmitry Russian Federation Bronze
CHOMAKHIDZE, Revaz Russian Federation Bronze