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The Results for Paraguay in 2004

Olympiad Medal Results

Football - football Men

2004: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
LUX, German Argentina Gold
AYALA, Roberto Argentina Gold
COLOCCINI, Fabricio Argentina Gold
HEINZE, Gabriel Argentina Gold
BURDISSO, Nicolas Argentina Gold
GONZALEZ, Luis Argentina Gold
MASCHERANO, Javier Argentina Gold
MEDINA, Nicolas Argentina Gold
D ALESSANDRO, Andres Argentina Gold
TEVEZ, Carlos Argentina Gold
RODRIGUEZ, Clemente Juan Argentina Gold
SAVIOLA, Javier Argentina Gold
GONZALEZ, Cristian Argentina Gold
DELGADO, Cesar Argentina Gold
DEVACA, Jose Paraguay Silver
GONZALEZ, Julio Paraguay Silver
BAREIRO, Fredy Paraguay Silver
BARRETO, Diego Paraguay Silver
MARTINEZ, Emilio Paraguay Silver
MANZUR, Julio Paraguay Silver
BARRETO, Edgar Paraguay Silver
GAMARRA, Carlos Paraguay Silver
DIAZ, Osvaldo Paraguay Silver
GIMENEZ, Pablo Paraguay Silver
FIGUEREDO, Diego Paraguay Silver
CRISTALDO, Ernesto Paraguay Silver
TORRES, Aureliano Paraguay Silver
BENITEZ, Pedro Paraguay Silver
ENCISO, Julio Cesar Paraguay Silver
CARDOZO, Jose Paraguay Silver
ESQUIVEL, Celso Paraguay Silver
BARZAGLI, Andrea Italy Bronze
BONERA, Daniele Italy Bronze
BOVO, Cesare Italy Bronze
CHIELLINI, Giorgio Italy Bronze
DE ROSSI, Daniele Italy Bronze
DEL NERO, Simone Italy Bronze
DONADEL, Marco Italy Bronze
FERRARI, Matteo Italy Bronze
GASBARRONI, Andrea Italy Bronze
GILARDINO, Alberto Italy Bronze
MESTO, Giandomenico Italy Bronze
MORETTI, Emiliano Italy Bronze
PALOMBO, Angelo Italy Bronze
PELIZZOLI, Ivan Italy Bronze
PINZI, Giampiero Italy Bronze
PIRLO, Andrea Italy Bronze
SCULLI, Giuseppe Italy Bronze