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The Results for Poland in 1924

Olympiad Medal Results

Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men Equestrian / Jumping - individual Mixed

1924: Cycling Track - Team Pursuit (4000m) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DE MARTINO, Angelo Italy Gold
DINALE, Alfredo Italy Gold
MENEGAZZI, Aurelio Italy Gold
ZUCCHETTI, Francesco Italy Gold
LANGE, Jozef Poland Silver
LAZARSKI, Jan Poland Silver
STANKIEWICZ, Tomasz Poland Silver
SZYMCZYK, Franciszek Poland Silver
DAGHELINCKX, Gustave Léonard Belgium Bronze
HOEVENAERS, Henri Belgium Bronze
SAIVE, Ferdinand Belgium Bronze
VAN DEN BOSCH, Jean Belgium Bronze

1924: Equestrian / Jumping - individual Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
GEMUSEUS, Alphonse Switzerland Gold
LEQUIO DI ASSABA, Tommaso Italy Silver
KROLIKIEWICZ, Adam Poland Bronze