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The Results for Poland in 1932

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 10000m Men Athletics - 100m Women Athletics - discus throw Women Fencing - sabre team Men Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men
Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men

1932: Athletics - 10000m Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KUSOCINSKI, Janusz Poland Gold
ISO-HOLLO, Volmari Finland Silver
VIRTANEN, Lauri Finland Bronze

1932: Athletics - 100m Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WALASIEWICZ, Stanislawa Poland Gold
STRIKE-SISSON, Hilda Canada Silver
VON BREMEN, Wilhelmina United States Bronze

1932: Athletics - discus throw Women

Athlete Nation Medal
COPELAND, Lillian United States Gold
OSBURN, Ruth United States Silver
WAJSOURNA, Jadwiga Poland Bronze

1932: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PETSCHAUER, Attila Hungary Gold
NAGY, Erno Hungary Gold
GLYKAIS, Gyula Hungary Gold
GEREVICH, Aladar Hungary Gold
KABOS, Endre Hungary Gold
MARZI, Gustavo Italy Silver
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Silver
ANSELMI, Renato Italy Silver
SALAFIA, Emilio Italy Silver
DE VECCHI, Arturo Italy Silver
PIGNOTTI, Ugo Italy Silver
FRIEDRICH, Tadeusz Poland Bronze
SUSKI, Marian Poland Bronze
DOBROWOLSKI, Wladyslaw Poland Bronze
SEGDA, Wladyslaw Poland Bronze
LUBICZ-NYCZ, Leszek Poland Bronze
PAPÉE, Adam Poland Bronze

1932: Rowing - coxless pair (2-) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CLIVE, Lewis United Kingdom Gold
EDWARDS, Hugh United Kingdom Gold
STILES, Cyril Alec New Zealand Silver
THOMPSON, Fred Houghton New Zealand Silver
BUDZINSKI, Henryk Poland Bronze
KRENZ-MIKOLAJCZAK, Janusz Poland Bronze

1932: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ELLER, Hans Germany Gold
HOECK, Horst Germany Gold
MEYER, Walter Germany Gold
SPREMBERG, Joachim Germany Gold
NEUMANN, Karl-Heinz Germany Gold
VATTOVAZ, Bruno Italy Silver
PLAZZER, Giovanni Italy Silver
DIVORA, Riccardo Italy Silver
PAROVEL, Bruno Italy Silver
SCHER, Giorgio Italy Silver
BRAUN, Jerzy Poland Bronze
SLAZAK, Janusz Poland Bronze
URBAN, Stanislaw Poland Bronze
KOBYLINSKI, Edward Poland Bronze
SKOLIMOWSKI, Jerzy Poland Bronze

1932: Rowing - pair-oared shell with coxswain Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SCHAUERS, Joseph Anthony United States Gold
KIEFFER, Charles M. United States Gold
JENNINGS, Edward Francis United States Gold
BRAUN, Jerzy Poland Silver
SLAZAK, Janusz Poland Silver
SKOLIMOWSKI, Jerzy Poland Silver
BRUSA, Anselme France Bronze
GIRIAT, Andre France Bronze
BRUNET, Pierre France Bronze