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The Results for Portugal in 1948

Olympiad Medal Results

Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed Sailing - swallow (golondrina) Mixed

1948: Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
JOUSSEAUME, Andre Rene France Gold
HARPAGON, France Gold
SAINT-FORT PAILLARD, Jean Gerard France Gold
SOUS LES CEPS, France Gold
BURET, Maurice France Gold
SAINT OUEN, France Gold
BORG, Robert John United States Silver
KLINGSON, United States Silver
THOMSON, Earl Foster United States Silver
PANCRAFT, United States Silver
HENRY, Frank Sherman United States Silver
RENO OVERDO, United States Silver
PAES, Fernando Silva Portugal Bronze
MATAMAS, Portugal Bronze
VALADAS, Francisco Portugal Bronze
FEITICO, Portugal Bronze
SILVA, Luiz Portugal Bronze
FASCINANTE, Portugal Bronze

1948: Sailing - swallow (golondrina) Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
MORRIS, Stewart Harold United Kingdom Gold
BOND, David John Were United Kingdom Gold
BELLO, Duarte M.D'Almeida Portugal Silver
BELLO, Fernando Pinto Coelho Portugal Silver
PIRIE, Lockwood Masters United States Bronze
TORREY, Owen Cates Jr. United States Bronze