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The Results for South Africa, Republic of in 1924

Olympiad Medal Results

Athletics - 10000m walk Men Athletics - 110m hurdles Men Boxing - 50.8 - 53.52kg (bantamweight) Men

1924: Athletics - 10000m walk Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FRIGERIO, Ugo Italy Gold
GOODWIN, Gordon United Kingdom Silver
MACMASTER, Cecil South Africa, Republic of Bronze

1924: Athletics - 110m hurdles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KINSEY, Daniel United States Gold
ATKINSON, Sidney South Africa, Republic of Silver
PETTERSSON, Sten Sweden Bronze

1924: Boxing - 50.8 - 53.52kg (bantamweight) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SMITH, William H. South Africa, Republic of Gold
TRIPOLI, Salvatore United States Silver
CES, Jean France Bronze