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The Results for Spain in 1988

Olympiad Medal Results

Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men Shooting - skeet (125 targets) Mixed Swimming - 200m breaststroke Men Tennis - doubles Men

1988: Sailing - single-handed dinghy (Finn) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DORESTE, Jose Luis Spain Gold
HOLMBERG, Peter Virgin Islands Silver
CUTLER, John New Zealand Bronze

1988: Shooting - skeet (125 targets) Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WEGNER, Axel East Germany Gold
DE IRRUARRIZAGA, Alfonso Chile Silver
GUARDIOLA HAY, Jorge Spain Bronze

1988: Swimming - 200m breaststroke Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SZABO, Jozsef Hungary Gold
GILLINGHAM, Nick United Kingdom Silver
LOPEZ MIRO, Sergio Spain Bronze

1988: Tennis - doubles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FLACH, Kenneth United States Gold
SEGUSO, Robert A. United States Gold
SANCHEZ, Emilio Spain Silver
CASAL MARTINEZ, Sergio Spain Silver
MECIR, Miloslav Czechoslovakia Bronze
SREJBER, Milan Czechoslovakia Bronze
EDBERG, Stefan Sweden Bronze
JARRYD, Anders Sweden Bronze