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The Results for Sweden in 1994

Olympiad Medal Results

Alpine Skiing - alpine combined Women Freestyle Skiing - aerials Women Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1994: Alpine Skiing - alpine combined Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WIBERG, Pernilla Sweden Gold
SCHNEIDER, Vreni Switzerland Silver
DOVZAN, Alenka Slovenia Bronze

1994: Freestyle Skiing - aerials Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CHERYAZOVA, Lina Uzbekistan Gold
LINDGREN, Marie Sweden Silver
LID, Hilde Synnove Norway Bronze

1994: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ALGOTSSON, Hakan Sweden Gold
JONSSON, Tomas Sweden Gold
DUE-BOJE, Christian Sweden Gold
JUHLIN, Patrik Sweden Gold
ROHLIN, Leif Sweden Gold
SVENSSON, Magnus Sweden Gold
HANSSON, Roger Sweden Gold
LOOB, Haakan Sweden Gold
STILLMAN, Fredrik Sweden Gold
ÖRNSKOG, Stefan Sweden Gold
ERIKSSON, Niklas Sweden Gold
RYDMARK, Daniel Sweden Gold
BERGKVIST, Jonas Sweden Gold
JONSSON, Kenny Sweden Gold
JONSSON, Jorgen Sweden Gold
FORSBERG, Peter Sweden Gold
BERGLUND, Charles Sweden Gold
DACKELL, Andreas Sweden Gold
NÄSLUND, Mats Sweden Gold
KJELLBERG, Patric Sweden Gold
JOHANSSON, Roger Sweden Gold
SALO, Tommy Sweden Gold
HIRSCH, Corey Canada Silver
AUCOIN, Adrian Canada Silver
MAYER, Derek Canada Silver
WERENKA, Brad Canada Silver
LOVSIN, Ken Canada Silver
HLUSHKO, Todd Canada Silver
JOSEPH, Fabian Canada Silver
KARIYA, Paul Canada Silver
NORRIS, Dwayne Canada Silver
JOHNSON, Greg Canada Silver
SAVAGE, Brian Canada Silver
SCHREIBER, Wallace Canada Silver
WARRINER, Todd Canada Silver
PARKS, Greg Canada Silver
ASTLEY, Mark Canada Silver
ROY, Jean Yves Canada Silver
KONTOS, Chris Canada Silver
HARLOCK, David Canada Silver
LEGACE, Manny Canada Silver
ROY, Allain Canada Silver
THERIEN, Chris Canada Silver
SCHLEGEL, Bradley Canada Silver
NEDVED, Peter Canada Silver
KUIVALAINEN, Pasi Finland Bronze
KIPRUSOFF, Marko Finland Bronze
HÄMÄLÄINEN, Vesa Erik Finland Bronze
JUTILA, Timo Finland Bronze
SORMUNEN, Pasi Finland Bronze
OJANEN, Janne Finland Bronze
KESKINEN, Esa Finland Bronze
KOIVU, Saku Finland Bronze
LAUKKANEN, Janne Finland Bronze
PALO, Marko Finland Bronze
HELMINEN, Raimo Finland Bronze
ALATALO, Mika Finland Bronze
PELTONEN, Ville Finland Bronze
LEHTINEN, Jere Finland Bronze
VIRTA, Hannu Finland Bronze
KAPANEN, Sami Finland Bronze
STROEMBERG, Mika Finland Bronze
LEHTERAE, Tero Finland Bronze
VARIS, Petri Finland Bronze
TAMMI, Jukka Finland Bronze
MYLLYS, Jarmo Finland Bronze
NIEMINEN, Mika Finland Bronze
MÄKELÄ, Mikko Finland Bronze