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The Results for Switzerland in 1992

Olympiad Medal Results

Tennis - singles Men Alpine Skiing - alpine combined Men Bobsleigh - four-man Men Bobsleigh - two-man Men

1992: Tennis - singles Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ROSSET, Marc Switzerland Gold
ARRESE, Jordi Spain Silver
IVANISEVIC, Goran Croatia Bronze
CHERKASOV, Andrei Unified Team (CIS Team) Bronze

1992: Alpine Skiing - alpine combined Men

Athlete Nation Medal
POLIG, Josef Italy Gold
MARTIN, Gianfranco Italy Silver
LOCHER, Steve Switzerland Bronze

1992: Bobsleigh - four-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
APPELT, Ingo Austria Gold
WINKLER, Harald Austria Gold
HAIDACHER, Gerhard Austria Gold
SCHROLL, Thomas Austria Gold
HOPPE, Wolfgang Germany Silver
MUSIOL, Bogdan Germany Silver
KÜHN, Axel Germany Silver
HANNEMANN, Rene Germany Silver
WEDER, Gustav Switzerland Bronze
ACKLIN, Donat Switzerland Bronze
SCHINDELHOLZ, Lorenz Switzerland Bronze
MORELL, Curdin Switzerland Bronze

1992: Bobsleigh - two-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
WEDER, Gustav Switzerland Gold
ACKLIN, Donat Switzerland Gold
LOCHNER, Rudolf Germany Silver
ZIMMERMANN, Markus Germany Silver
LANGEN, Christoph Germany Bronze
EGER, Günther Germany Bronze