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The Results for Uruguay in 1952

Olympiad Medal Results

Basketball - basketball Men Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

1952: Basketball - basketball Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HOUGLAND, William Marion United States Gold
KELLEY, Melvin Dean United States Gold
KENNEY, Robert Earl United States Gold
LIENHARD, William Barner United States Gold
LOVELETTE, Clyde Edward United States Gold
FRIEBERGER, Marcus Ross United States Gold
GLASGOW, Victor Wayne United States Gold
MCCABE, Frank Reilly United States Gold
PIPPIN, Daniel Luther United States Gold
WILLIAMS, Howard Earl United States Gold
BONTEMPS, Ronald Yngve United States Gold
KURLAND, Robert Albert United States Gold
HOAG, Charles Monroe United States Gold
KELLER, John Frederick United States Gold
BUTAUTAS, Stiapas Soviet Union Silver
LYSOV, Iogan Fedorovich Soviet Union Silver
PETKYAVICHUS, Kasis Soviet Union Silver
DZHORDZHIKIYA, Nodar Soviet Union Silver
KONYEV, Anatoli Soviet Union Silver
KORKIYA, Otar Mikhailovich Soviet Union Silver
KULLAM, Ilmar Soviet Union Silver
OZEROV, Yuri Soviet Union Silver
MOISEEV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
VALDMANIS, Maigonis Soviet Union Silver
KRUUS, Heino Soviet Union Silver
LAGUNAVICHUS, Justinas Soviet Union Silver
VLASOV, Viktor Soviet Union Silver
STONKUS, Stasis Soviet Union Silver
ACOSTA Y LARA, Martin Uruguay Bronze
BALINO, Enrique Uruguay Bronze
CIESLINSKAS, Victorio Uruguay Bronze
COSTA, Hector J. Uruguay Bronze
DEMARCO, Nelson Uruguay Bronze
GARCIA OTERO, Hector Uruguay Bronze
LARRE BORGES, Tabare Uruguay Bronze
LOMBARDO, Adesio Uruguay Bronze
LOVERA, Roberto Uruguay Bronze
MATTO, Sergio A. Uruguay Bronze
PELAEZ, Wilfredo Uruguay Bronze
ROSSELLO, Carlos Uruguay Bronze

1952: Rowing - double sculls (2x) Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GUERRERO, Eduardo Argentina Gold
CAPPOZZO, Tranquilo Argentina Gold
ZHILIN, Georgi Soviet Union Silver
EMCHUK, Igor Soviet Union Silver
SEIJAS, Miguel Uruguay Bronze
RODRIGUEZ, Juan A. Uruguay Bronze