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The Results for Uruguay in 1956

Olympiad Medal Results

Basketball - basketball Men

1956: Basketball - basketball Men

Athlete Nation Medal
CAIN, Carl Cecil United States Gold
HOUGLAND, William Marion United States Gold
JONES, Kenneth C. United States Gold
RUSSELL, William Fenton United States Gold
WALSH, James Patrick United States Gold
EVANS, William Best United States Gold
HALDORSSON, Burdette Eliele United States Gold
TOMSIC, Ronald Paul United States Gold
BOUSHKA, Richard James United States Gold
FORD, Gilbert United States Gold
JEANGERARD, Robert Eugene United States Gold
DARLING, Charles Frick United States Gold
MUIZHNIEK, Valdis Soviet Union Silver
VALDMANIS, Maigonis Soviet Union Silver
TORBAN, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
STONKUS, Stasis Soviet Union Silver
PETKYAVICHUS, Kasis Soviet Union Silver
BOCHKAREV, Arkadi Soviet Union Silver
KRUMINS, Yanis Soviet Union Silver
SEMYONOV, Mikhail Soviet Union Silver
LAURITENAS, Algirdas Soviet Union Silver
OZEROV, Yuri Soviet Union Silver
ZUBKOV, Viktor Soviet Union Silver
STUDENETSKY, Mikhail Soviet Union Silver
BLIXEN, Carlos S. Uruguay Bronze
CORTES, Ramiro Uruguay Bronze
COSTA, Hector J. Uruguay Bronze
CHELLE, Nelson R. Uruguay Bronze
DEMARCO, Nelson Uruguay Bronze
GARCIA OTERO, Hector Uruguay Bronze
GONZALEZ, Carlos Uruguay Bronze
MATTO, Sergio A. Uruguay Bronze
MOGLIA, Oscar Uruguay Bronze
MERA, Raul E. Uruguay Bronze
OLASCOAGA, Ariel Uruguay Bronze
SCARON, Milton A. Uruguay Bronze